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Have you heard of the 80|20 Rule?


Holiday wishes and newsy note for you.

Well, we’ve had an outstanding year this year. I trust you have too?

Jim is raising his beautiful little girl and helping men step more fully into themselves. Tallulah is raising her little boy and looking more beautiful than ever. Sloane and her man have never been closer. Dr. Patti is still full of zest and brilliance. And the team that delivers your weekly emails, keeps our servers humming and manages the incredible amount of intimacy advice we produce is all healthy and looking forward to wonderful holidays with family and friends.

Tim and I continue to thrive and are so excited to release our years-in-the-making libido and pleasure supplements under the new brand, The 20. 

Have you heard of the 80|20 Rule?

20% of your effort creates 80% of your results… if you just knew which 20%. This concept is also called Pareto’s Principle or The Law of the Vital Few.

It’s what our supplement formulas are based on —the 20% of ingredients that get 80% of the results for supporting a healthy libido while feeling more pleasure and intimacy.



We are looking forward to getting these libido vitamins and blood flow boosters to you for the healthiest 2020 possible.

For now, enjoy your family, friends, little ones and the joy of celebrating the holidays.

We’re taking some downtime as well and I just wanted to send you love and thanks for being in our world.

We feel blessed to have such a large base of loving and kind customers and followers. When you share your stories, your triumphs, and even your difficult times we feel very close to you.

I hope you’re as excited about 2020 as I am. I love the perfect balance of the numbers. I love the new decade. I love that we are launching a new company called, The 20 in 2020.

Everything feels aligned for us to soar like eagles.

We hold you in our feathered arms, soft and light and full of love.

Fly Like An Eagle!

Susan, Tim, Jim, Sloane, Dr. Patti, Tallulah, and Team PLM


3 Responses

  1. J’aime tout que vous faites et je vous remercie beaucoup pour ces moments de joie.

    “I love everything you do and thank you very much for these moments of joy” -Google translate

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