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20 Creative Ways To Express Your Love

It’s the holiday season! So have you expressed your love to your partner, someone you like, or a loved one recently?

Saying “I love you” is good, but everyone could use that cherry on top. Just to make the moment even more special.

Now, I know not everyone can be creative or articulate when it comes to expressing their feelings.

That’s why I’m giving you over 20 done-for-you ways to express your love to someone in your life this holiday season, and every day moving forward.

Check Out My YouTube Video  20 Ways To Verbally Express Love

Here are the 20 ways to verbally express your love.

“I love hearing stories about your…”
“You deserve a gold medal for…”
“You’re so good at giving me…”
“I love it when you make…”
“You have the best taste in…”
“When you… …it’s like magic”
“My favorite place to kiss you is…”
“I like when you hug me here best”
“I always want to hear what you have to say about…”
“One of my favorite all-time moments we shared together was…”
“When we first met, the thing I loved about you best was…”
“You have such strong…”
“Everyone should be as… …as you are”
“If you were an animal you’d be a…”
“If you were a cuisine you’d be a… …ooh, and I’d love to eat you up!”
“One of the little things you do without thinking that makes me very happy is…”
“One of your skills I admire the most is…”
“The sexiest place on your body is…”
“You look hot when…”
“Over time, I’ve grown to seriously appreciate your ability to…”

Go ahead. Use one of these gems tonight.

Mix and match. Get creative and add your personal twist to each one.

Simply doing this will make your relationship a little more wonderful.

I joined Kevin Anthony and Celine Remy on The Love Lab Podcast to talk about dirty talk, how to do it right, and how to ensure your partner likes it. Click on the image to listen to the podcast. Enjoy!

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