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How To Have The Most Unbelievable Sex Ever

You will want to get a load of this.

I got the best email from Kevin today (not his real name). He and his wife of 20 years have the best sex of their marriage.

They are watching and learning together, and she’s experiencing all kinds of pleasure, including female ejaculation or squirting orgasms.

It’s NEVER too late to have a great sex life. There’s ALWAYS more you can learn as lovers. And you’re NEVER too old to achieve passionate, lusty pleasure.

Read what Kevin says about the adversity they overcame to have incredible sex together.

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“Susan, I wanted to drop a quick note and thank you! My wife and I have been married 20 years, and in the last couple of years, our sex has been INCREDIBLE!

The middle year sex was pretty much non-existent because of my alcoholism. I’m sober now, and we are having sex regularly.

Thanks to your videos, we do it all! My wife has multiple orgasms every session, and she squirts multiple times too!

Heck, in the last session, we put a towel down, and she soaked that onto the sofa.

Thank you!” — Kevin


Dear Kevin,

Your note makes me so happy. You might want to get a waterproof pad or fitted sheet before sex.

I also love the Liberator Fasci nator lately. It’s fast to throw it on the bed for making love at night without the fuss of covering the whole bed with a waterproof fitted sheet.

If she doesn’t have to worry about wetting the couch, she will be even more surrendered and abandoned to her pleasure.

I’ve found this to be a lifesaver and feel I can let go and squirt my heart out.

Tim loves it when I get on top and gush all over him.

This free ebook, “7 Stimulating Sex Positions,” is one of my favorite G-Spot sex positions:

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This book also has a link to show you how to use the tools in an explicit video. You can choose to watch or not.

However, nothing replaces our Female Liquid Orgasm program by Tallulah Sulis for incredible ejaculatory orgasmic pleasure.

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P.S. Female ejaculation is a learned orgasmic skill. Very few women are born ejaculators, but more women want this exquisite experience.

One of my male friends who purchased Female Liquid Orgasm said he could make any woman squirt. That all of his girlfriends now ejaculate. And that same technique you see copied and pasted everywhere from porn is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what to do.

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