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Hit Me Up

I just want to reinforce my support for you in having a truly satisfying love life.

You can send Sloane, Tallulah, Dr. Patti, Jim, and me an email anytime with a question about your love life.

We try to answer everyone’s questions… even if that means simply sending you to a link for an article we’ve written that gives you an answer… all the way up to giving you free relationship advice that is custom-crafted for your unique situation.

It may take us a week to get back to you sometimes because we’re busy too. But I want you to know that your questions are a gift to us. Because without them, how could we be so good at helping so many people around the world?

When you email us, make sure you give us your backstory. Tell us your age. Where you live. What your situation is. And what questions you have so we can help you.

That way we can give you personal advice that suits you.

So many times, people struggle, feeling alone and worried — when the question that is burning in their minds has a simple answer!

And if you LIKE something we’ve written to you, please make sure to let us know. We work very hard here at Personal Life Media to support our fans and followers. We have over 300,000 people now who read our daily emails. And we treasure each and every one.

So hit us up if you need us. Sign up here to get started ⇓


  1. Recently I found a doctor that performs the waves gain procedure.. jm a bit nervous.. only for the fact that I’m what I consider a true micro penis.. so it more about being embarrassed..I’m willing to try the pump just don’t know which one is the best for me ..

  2. I also suffer from Ed , cock rings help a little, cialis I get semi erect

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