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How To Tighten A Loose Vagina (Mailbag)

Have you ever wondered how you could “re-tighten” your vaginal muscles? 

One common plea I hear from female readers is that after multiple pregnancies, their vagina seems to get a bit loose. 

Well, one reader sent me an email with the same problem, except that she also has another problem to add to her own… 

Here’s her email. Scroll down for my response. 

“Hello, Susan. I just have one specific inquiry. I feel my vagina has become a bit wider after having my three kids. Is there a way I can tighten it to fit a smaller penis size? Thanks.” —Michelle (not her real name) 


Hi, Michelle. 

You’re asking me about feeling that your vagina is too loose. That’s called vaginal laxity after having your three children, and that you’d like to tighten it to fit a smaller penis size. 

So there are a couple of different options that you have. One of the first things that I would tell you is to have your partner spend a lot of time giving you vagina massages. 

Here’s A YouTube Video I Did All About Them ⇐ Erotic Massage YouTube Video

erotic masage 510

I’m talking about vulva all the way around the outside of your vagina. So on the top of your vagina, the mons, and on the sides of your labia majora and your labia minora. And then also the clitoris and the clitoral hood. Then the outside opening of your vagina and then up inside your vagina using his fingers and warm coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil or some good local oil that you would use for cooking that you eat. That would be good for your vagina too because you don’t want to use chemicals that are in lubes, sexual lubricants on your vagina. 

You want to use natural oils whenever possible because your vagina soaks those into your body, so you don’t want to use things with chemicals in them. But you want to use a lot of oil and get him to really massage you. 

It should feel very pleasurable, and as he does it over a series of sessions, it’s going to do what is called engorge your vagina or your vulva. What “engorge” means is to bring blood to the tissue, blood flow to the tissue, and that blood flow puffs up the tissue and it makes it kind of puffy and swollen. It actually gives you an erection because you have the same amount of erectile tissue up inside you as your husband has in his penis. 

So you have to give yourselves a chance for you to get your erection because it takes a woman about 20 minutes of massaging. He can go down on you and give you oral pleasuring as well, but the hands, the manual massaging stimulation is really what’s good at making your vagina feel much tighter and fuller because it’s filled with blood.

That’s the best advice I can give you that doesn’t really cost anything. Then there’s the alternative, which depending on where you live and what your finances are, there are different kinds of vaginal tightening procedures. 

They are outpatient kinds of things that you could do on your lunch break if you work, and there are two different styles that are the most common. There are CO2 lasers and there are RF or radio frequency devices. Both of them essentially use a penis shaped device that goes up inside your vagina. What it does is it actually stimulates tissue growth in your vagina and it tightens it up. It kind of starts to build new collagen fibers in the vaginal mucosa, which is the skin inside your vagina. 

When those collagen fibers build up and they get thicker, it actually shrinks that vaginal tissue a bit and tightens it up and it essentially reverses vaginal laxity. You could potentially have a procedure like that. 

Some of them are single pass. You just have to go once, and some of them do it over a period of time, three, four, five different passes. There are all different prices. You have to go see people, see who you like, make sure someone’s done it many times. 

You can see my entire vaginal rejuvenation video series of my procedures that I had done and all about them on my Better Lover YouTube channel.  

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As far as anything else, some women will tell you that another thing that you could do is use Benoit balls or Kegel exercises and things like that, but really what that does is it tones the pelvic floor, which could help with vaginal laxity. That’s a good place to start as well, doing your Kegels and building up those muscles a bit. That’ll also give you the ability to grip his penis more when he’s inside you. 

Then the other thing you can do, because you said you want to tighten your vagina to fit a smaller penis, is you can actually increase the size of his penis. So while you’re working on reversing your vaginal laxity, you can also be working on increasing his penis size. 

Here Is A YouTube Video I Did About It ⇐ 5 Ways To Make Your Penis Bigger

5 Ways To Make Your Penis Bigger

His penis size, there are two main things. The first thing is that half of his penis is up inside him, and he may, when he’s masturbating or when you’re having sex, not really be stimulating that buried shaft of his penis. 

The more you can stimulate both the penis that sticks out of his body as well as the penis that’s inside him, which you can find by touching underneath his balls, under his testicles up in the perineal area, you can press in there and feel where his penis goes inside his body and you can stimulate that. You can also stimulate it from his abdomen a little bit.

And then on my YouTube channel, the Better Lover YouTube channel, I have a technique called the Blow and Grow technique, which is basically where you’re giving your husband oral pleasure and you’re actually suckling on his penis. Its kind of like a baby suckles on a breast where there’s a little compression with the suction, and that actually increases his penile dimension and makes it bigger. 

The other thing that you can do is you can get a penis pump. The particular brand that I recommend is called The Whopper because both the balls and the penis go inside the pump because it actually increases both the length and width of the penis. 

That Whopper penis pump, if you look on my YouTube channel, you’ll see that I have a lot of videos about penis pumps, how to use them, et cetera. 

Check Out One Of My YouTube Videos Here ⇐ Penis Pump YouTube Video Series

Susan and Dr Glenn P Shot Priapus Shot and Penis Pumps

I also have a penis pump guide with links to the pumps in it at, and you can pump his penis up for him before you have intercourse, and that’ll actually make his penis bigger. You can even pump it up and then slide a constriction device or a cock ring down over his penis, and that’ll trap extra blood in his penis and make his penis even bigger during intercourse. 

Then there are other procedures that men can do for increased penile volume, the best of which is GAINSWave. You can see videos about that on my Better Lover YouTube channel as well. 

Check Out My YouTube Video About It ⇐ GAINSWave For Erectile Dysfunction

Gainswave Treatment

GAINSWave is an acoustic sound device that stimulates tissue growth, reverses erectile dysfunction, and increases pleasure and sensation. Combined with something called the P shot or priapus shot, which uses his own blood reinjected into his penis during the time of treatment that brings healing and growth to that penile tissue as kind of a booster, like a turbo charge. 

Click Here To Watch My YouTube Video ⇐ How The P-Shot Reverses Erectile Dysfunction

The PShot Protocol

So there are things you can do without any devices, there are things you can do with devices, and there are things you can do with treatments and medical regenerative therapies to both reverse vaginal laxity and increase penile dimension. 

I hope that helped and I really appreciate the question. You are not alone. A lot of women feel this way. 

Start with the vaginal massages and giving him the suckling of the blow and grow technique, and then go from there. 

Here’s A YouTube Video On How To Do It ⇐ The Blow And Grow Technique 

Blow And Grow Technique

Try your Kegels. Maybe get a Kegel exerciser, get a penis pump for him, and then look at potentially doing some treatments as well. 

You guys have a fun time with all that. As we age, our bodies atrophy and they begin to shrink and decline, so all the things you’re doing now are going to keep you in good shape sexually for the rest of your life. 

Thank you so much for asking an excellent question. I send you my love, and I’ll talk to you soon. 


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