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Closed Down At The Heart Level

Closed Down At The Heart Level

Carol from New Zealand left an unhappy marriage and reconnected with a lover from University.

Both she and her new partner had a lot of upset from their past relationships to overcome. Their emotions clouded their desire for each other. It manifested in ways such as performance anxiety in the bedroom.

Just from reading my email advice, Carol realized the place to start to find the kind of soulmate pleasure was through connecting their hearts.

Instead of focusing on the physical, they practiced feeling love for each other. Carol said she had to retrain herself to feel the love in her heart again after being closed down for so many years.

She’s 66 years old now and together they are, “exploring every aspect of ourselves and needs.”

“I now know how to connect to his heart and that has done the trick.”

Now they are having mutual, simultaneous climactic experiences during lovemaking.

As I’ve always said, I think the pinnacle of intimacy for man/women partners is this simultaneous moment of pleasure where two become one… where your pleasure feeds their pleasure in one beautiful circle of joy and connection.

This ultimate man/woman pleasure is a learned skill. We may be born with the ability, but we must practice achieving bi-directional, heart-soaking loving.

Everyone has emotional baggage of some sort. It’s the human condition.

What I love about these late-in-life turn around stories like Carol’s is that she believed in what I was saying —that the path to sexual soulmates is through the door of the heart.

Opening your heart door allows love to flow out. When you let that love flow to another you begin to feel the love you crave. The easiest path to surrendered pleasure is through the portal of love: your heart.

We all have anxiety around intimacy. The best solution is to open your heart’s door and express love. Anxiety comes from worrying about the future or the past. Love is felt in the moment. Love is a practice of presence.

Once you can really LOVE another, you take the next step. When you feel your love flowing for someone, it is from this point you begin to practice receiving love.

Receiving love is the second step in setting up the circle of love flowing both into and out of each of you.

It’s never too late. And step one is to begin loving someone. If you do not have someone to love, start looking. There are millions of souls out there who want to be loved by you.

And if you do have someone to love, see if you can create a circle of giving and receiving —feeling the love flow from both directions.

Then send a bit of love through the universe to me today. Because as I write this wonderful story of Carol’s expansion both emotionally and sexually, I’m thinking about you and how much I appreciate you being in my world. I’m radiating love from my heart to yours right now.

Can you feel it?

Be like Carol and take in all the wonderful advice we have for you ♥

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