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Learn HOT Kissing Techniques


Isn’t it a lovely surprise when you first kiss someone and think to yourself, OMG, they’re a hot kisser! Yay!

Maybe your most rapturous kisses happened in the back of the car, tucked in a doorway, on the couch or out in nature with the birds chirping… 

HOT kissing is one of life’s magical moments.

Here’s a REALLY HOT kissing technique that will make you unforgettable to your partner. 


Tantra is an ancient sensual wisdom from our elders, passed down throughout the eons of humanity. Tantric loving is slow, heart-connected and very present and intentional. It’s wildly romantic too!

The Tantric Kiss includes two powerful techniques in one:

  1. Making sweet eye contact.
  2. Focusing your attention on each other. (“getting present”)

If you’re a guy, I know you’re going to enjoy all types of kissing. However, you need to remember that your lover prefers romantic, passionate kissing. 

Guys LOVE kissing, especially wet kissing. 

And if you’re a woman, you’re going to have to slow your partner down. 

It’s also best to have the masculine lead. This is where the feminine wiles come into play. 

Even if the guy doesn’t get it right the first time, it will make him feel very masculine.

If the woman tries to direct the man in the bedroom, you’re going to lose your polarity. 


Clear your minds and sit down face to face on your bed or a comfortable place in your home.

Touch your foreheads together like the couple in the picture above.

Spend a few minutes getting your breathing to slow down.

Let the world fall away and be completely present to this moment you two are sharing. 

Keep a lingering gaze –make eye contact with each other.

The masculine can hold the feminine’s hands in his or begin stroking her lightly in a sensual manner.

Tease each other with your lips with, but don’t go in for a full kiss.

You want to increase your desire for each other… build up the excitement here.

Kiss your partner’s cheeks, eyelids, and forehead.


You can then start nibbling each other’s lips and earlobes and kiss down your partner’s neck. 

In the future, this Tantric Kiss can proceed into the most divine lovemaking…

The man can slowly trace his lips down the woman’s body and lick, nibble and tease her skin to activate her sensation.

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