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Penis Pump Warning!

I was quoted as an expert in penis enlargement and pumping to reverse erectile dysfunction in a new AskMen article on penis pumps, “Do Penis Pumps Work?” based on my BetterLover video of the same title.

Here’s what to watch out for when you choose a penis pump. 

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The only brand I recommend is The Whopper because they have:

  1. A quick-release valve
  2. A precise vacuum gauge with easy-to-read numbers
  3. Telephone and email customer care
  4. Ability to add larger cylinders as your penis size increases
  5. A PumpSmart app to track your progress
  6. Cylinders sized to get you the maximum gains
  7. Cylinders sized to grow with you
  8. Electric hands-free pump option
  9. 30 years of customer care and family business integrity
  10. Distribution through doctors and urologists
  11. Cylinders that won’t break when you drop them
  12. Cylinders that are dishwasher-safe


The Whopper Premium pump kit comes with two cylinders. The first is the regular cylinder, which primarily works on girth. This is the only cylinder you get when you purchase other pumps. That is why the other pumps pictured in the article above come with a range of “gaiters” or “rings.”

These rings are the only way to get a tight seal for the many sizes of penises. The only way to make these average pumps fit is to sell them in some sizes. The problem is these sizers pinch off blood flow.

Penis pumps are designed to help men achieve healthy blood flow. You’re trying to get blood flow in and stretch the tunica albuginea to expand your blood-carrying capacity and generate new capillaries. So, using sizers is counterproductive to your gains.

The pumps I recommend offer a variety of cylinder sizes. And you can simply add larger cylinders as your penis size increases. Your pump comes with two cylinders. The regular and the “Whopper.” The “Whopper” accommodates your testicles and penis so that you can create a vacuum that lengthens the suspensory ligament. Besides hanging weights from your penis, this Whopper is the only penis pump that adds significant length.

With this interchangeable system, You can add a head enlarger to your pumping routine. Some men want to make the glans even bigger. As you pump, you can alternate between the whopper and head enlarger every other day.

You can also add in the new DEEP Penile Extender. This accelerates the growth of length. And you can add the STIMULATE Red Light Wrap to enhance recovery, which increases gains.

Deep Red Light

Pumping feels good, repairs penile atrophy, increases the practical results of PRP and Priapus Shots, and optimizes your GAINSWave treatments. It also adds incredible vascularization to your penis. This results in firmer erections and a gorgeous veiny penis in addition to enlargement of overall penile volume.

Thanks to AskMen and Bobby Box for including me in this excellent article. I appreciate that penis pumping is coming out of the shadows. They are fantastic sexual vitality tools.

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Click Here For The Pump Guide ⇐ UPDATED 2nd Edition (FREE Guide)

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