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Erection Webinar in 3 Days (Register Now)

You are kindly invited to a live online video conversation discussing everything you’ve always wanted to know about your penis… but were afraid to ask.

Sign Up to Join me LIVE with board-certified urologist, Dr. Judson Brandeis. 

You can ask questions by typing into a chat window. You will not be visible. You will see us on your phone or computer and we will be able to see your questions but not you. To access the chat it is better to be on your computer than your phone.

Backed By Medical Science…

“Urologist Explains New Techniques For Stronger Erections In Simple Terms.”

Grab a Frosty Drink and Mark Your Calendar:  Friday, May 24th 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern 

(Saturday May 25th Sydney 10 pm, London Saturday 1 am)

There will be a replay you can watch later if you register. But we want you to put this event in your calendar and join us when we’re live!

If you want to have better erections Dr. Judson Brandeis and I are going to talk about the causes and solutions to have harder, firmer, longer lasting wood including:

  • How Erections Work
  • How To Have A SOLID Erection For Your Whole Life
  • Supplements and Prescription Pills for Bedroom Performance
  • Prostate Issues 
  • Penile Atrophy
  • Venous Leaks
  • Medications That Affect Hardness
  • Testosterone 
  • Penis Pumps
  • Peyronie’s Disease
  • The Priapus Shot aka P Shot
  • The GAINSWave Treatment Protocol
  • What it’s like to have GAINSWave treatments
  • Lacking Stamina 
  • Performance Anxiety

About Dr. Brandeis:

Dr. Brandeis served as the Chief of Urology at John Muir Hospital, is an active member of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America and is the Director of Clinical Excellence for GAINSWave –boasting over 20 years of experience in sexual wellness.

About Susan Bratton:

Susan is a sexual health expert with a focus on men’s erectile performance, reversing ED, overcoming PE and DE and teaching men how to become multi-orgasmic lovers. She is an active and official company spokesperson for GAINSWave because she has witnessed the efficacy of this breakthrough treatment in helping thousands of men have the most robust erections possible at every age.

RSVP in Advance:

  • This is an exclusive webinar and will fill up quickly. Be sure to RSVP now to reserve your seat!
  • Ask Dr. Brandeis, or myself any question you like, and even remain anonymous if you prefer. 
  • Get that pen and paper ready for note-taking, you don’t want to miss all of the valuable info that will be shared!

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This webinar is free and for educational purposes only. You will not be sold any package or program during this event.

I hope you’ll join us.

Comment on this post with any questions you have about the event, registration or GAINSWave.

Those that RSVP will also receive a recording of the webinar to replay at your leisure as well as a FREE eBook with the research and scientific studies backing the GAINSWave protocol.

Note: Susan does NOT receive payment or compensation for treatments that you book when you

Unlock Additional Members Only Content
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. She is a partner of the company and supports them in increasing awareness for this treatment.

2 Responses

  1. If I was going to start treament..whn should i do both treament to start out then from therr get them done every 60 days

    1. Go to Use the directory to find a provider in your area. Fill out the “request more information” form. In the comments, type the word BETTER. When you book a package of six treatments, you’ll get a seventh one free. The recommended treatment is twice a week for three weeks. Work with your provider as to when it’s best to add the Priapus Shot. I’d recommend you do it early in the treatment series. Let me know how it goes!

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