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How To Bring Intimacy Back Into Your Relationship

Just because a guy is with a woman (either a girlfriend or wife), she’s obligated to be intimate with him. Read on to learn how to bring intimacy back.

In a perfect world, sure. Sadly, that’s not how it is.

In fact, over time, a woman’s desire for her partner decreases. Part of it is that the “new relationship energy” wears off. And part of it, depending on the guy, might include:

  • He stops romancing her.
  • Issues outside the bedroom don’t get taken care of and resentment builds.
  • Her body issues increase.
  • The seduction stops and he just tries to get sex.
  • He lets himself go with a potbelly and dirty teeth.
  • He shuts her down in little ways that build up resentment.
  • She gets bored with the same old bedroom moves he’s used to again and again.
  • There isn’t enough time spent on foreplay.
  • He stops treating her like a sexy goddess during the day.
  • He doesn’t lead her to her sexual potential and makes it safe to keep expanding sexually.
  • No new sex techniques are learnt.
  • He stops being fun to be with and is mostly cranky.

I’m not saying that’s you. And I’m not saying it’s all your fault. Nobody is given an education on how to make love. Porn doesn’t show it. Your parents didn’t teach you. That’s for sure. Anyone can make a baby, but few people are natural-born lovers.

Sex IS a two-way street. But men are the sexual leaders, the ones who need to take charge behind closed doors. Women are repressed by society and religion, and we don’t get any passionate lovemaking information either!

Not only that, but we will submit to sex and then resent it and not want it anymore, instead of speaking up and saying what we need. We will rush sex and not give ourselves time to get warmed up. Then it doesn’t feel good. We don’t orgasm. And we blame our partner.

I know!

It’s madness!

And I want to tell you I’m sorry if, as you’re reading this, you’re getting even more frustrated.


But I want you to know that you can not only rewind to how it was when you were first hot for each other. By retaking charge, you can have an even better sex life than you ever dreamed of!

And by taking charge, I don’t mean being bossy and dominant.

That’s where so many guys get it wrong. They demand intimacy and reciprocation. They cannot believe she wouldn’t want to have sex and assume something is wrong with her.

What drives a woman’s desire is worlds apart from a man’s. Most men are filled with passion and desire all the time. For women, our desire is fluid.

That is why I created an online program with a quick start guide and conversations with experts on seducing your wife, advanced orgasm skills to get her to come when you penetrate her and go down on her, how to romance her in a way that leads to sex, so you both get what you want and so much more… all the things NOBODY BUT ME teaches monogamous guys.

PLUS how to stay the course when you get frustrated… because it took you years to get here, and sometimes she will backslide into old behaviors that die hard.

My Revive Her Drive program shows you how to make your wife a total, sex-starved slut in the bedroom.

Does my approach work? Well, I’ve helped thousands of husbands revive their relationships from a dead stop, like a flaming phoenix rising from the ashes.

Here’s what one reader had to say about the advice in Revive Her Drive.

Revive Her Drive How To Bring Intimacy Back Into Your Relationship


I know you don’t remember me but we exchanged a few emails when my partner of 8 years pulled the plug on intimacy.

You told me the importance of understanding women’s “emotional side,” her needs and how it’s so different from men’s needs.

So I changed. I really changed how I talked to her, started doing those “little things” that are so important. And, I stopped asking for intimacy all the time. I asked for nothing in return.

Just did all the giving for a while. At times, I wanted to quit. But I didn’t.

The other night, she texted me at 11 pm and asked if I wanted to come over. I said yes.

It was like it was in the beginning. I couldn’t believe it!

The following day she texted me this:

This weekend we are going to a romantic B&B. Thanks for your spot on advice.

I’m not a young guy anymore but you’ve turned the clock back so at least I feel like I am. You absolutely know what you’re talking about. And the fact that you’ve been with the same man for so long, you practice what you preach too. And that’s important to me.

Many thanks again, Susan!” — Jeff (not his real name)

Revive Her Drive ⇐ How To Bring Intimacy Back Into Your Relationship

Don’t wait for your relationship to turn to dust in front of your eyes.

Start reviving your partner’s drive tonight.

I created this program. After all, I almost lost my husband because I didn’t want to have sex with him anymore. For all the reasons I listed above.

Revive Her Drive is what we learned and did to bring back and go on to having the best sex of our lives. And you can, too, because I make it easy, step-by-step, and understandable to give her what she needs to want you again for sex regularly.

Revive Her Drive ⇐ She Will Want You For Sex Again

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