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Does Penis Size Matter

Let’s talk about the age-old question men cannot stop wondering…

“Does penis size REALLY matter?”

Well, it does. However, not in the way you may think.

I worked SOOOO HARD on today’s video for you. This is a culmination of all my best advice for having a BANGING BONER, I’m going to talk about why size does matter, but why size isn’t the prime factor for female pleasure.

In fact, there are scenarios where size actually becomes an obstacle to sexual pleasure.

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While penis size may contribute to how a man feels about himself sexually, women have a different take on the length and girth of your manhood.

You see, a woman’s vagina has mechanoreceptors that are sensitive to a certain kind of penis experience.

In the video, I’m also going to talk about an interesting study where a room full of women were given a bunch of 3D-printed penises of varying sizes.

The women were then asked which ones they preferred, and which ones they couldn’t be bothered with.

These women also revealed one very notable piece of information for men who worry about their size.

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