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“P Shot and GAINSWave conflicting information…” [Mailbag]

penis treatment

Sometimes, we get different (and even conflicting) information from various providers.

However, even if it’s for the same treatment, method, or technique, they all share common ground, which I discuss below.

One of my trusted fans reached out to me after getting different advice from two providers of the PRP Shot and GAINSWave treatments for men’s erectile performance. 

Which one’s correct? And if you experience something like this, whose advice should YOU follow?

Scroll down for his questions and my advice.

Sweet Girl


Hi, Susan, 

I read your information about the PRP Shot and GAINSWave treatments for E.D. and opted to receive them. However, because of price differences between providers, I have chosen to receive the PRP Shot from one provider and the GAINSWave treatment from a different provider. 

I need some clarification on the two. Therefore, since you are not motivated or influenced by the fees charged for these procedures, I need some accurate information.

Should there be a time lag between getting the PRP Shot and additional GAINSWave treatments? One provider says two months, while the other one says seven days. 

Which, if either, is correct? Thanks.” — Logan (not his real name) 


Hi Logan,

Thank you for asking.

This is my opinion, based on how I’ve been trained, what I know, my personal experience having PRP and GAINSWave For Her® both done to my genitals, being married to Tim, who has had both GAINSWave® and  PShot procedures multiple times, and the feedback from so many of my fans all combined…

Both treatments take time to work. The GAINSWave®, for many guys, has an immediate effect that continues to improve. Other men begin to see changes anywhere from 9-12 weeks post-procedure. The treatments typically come in GAINSWave For Her a series of six. Some men need two or even three rounds of treatment to reverse significant dysfunction.

Acoustic wave technology does three things:

1) It “cleans the pipes” by removing arterial plaque and fibrin from the blood-carrying system in your penis. 

Much of erectile function is based on blood flow. So, having fast-flowing arteries, veins, and capillaries helps you have firmer, harder erections.

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I have formulated FLOW, a nitric oxide booster containing citrulline, nitrates, and pine bark extract. These ingredients help support blood flow, and although individual results may vary, taking FLOW can aid in return to full function.


2) The sonic vibrations of the GAINSWave shockwave therapy also create micro-damage to the tissues of the penis. This causes your body to bring healing factors to the tissue. The healing brings back youthful vitality to the tissue, increasing its smooth muscle tissue (SMC) response. 

The SMC or endothelium is the lining in the veins and arteries that must be flexible enough to expand to let blood in and then strong (not brittle) sufficient to lock the blood into the penis to maintain an erection.

3) When you reestablish blood supply to the penis, the nerve system can get more blood, which revives feeling again. For men with difficulty achieving climax, this renewed innervation is a godsend for them AND their partners.

When you add the PRP Shot or Priapus Shot, you give yourself a turbo charge of additional healing factors from your blood. This PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is taken from your blood and positioned into your penile structure. 

When you’ve done GAINSWave’s good “damage,” you add additional healing factors from the P Shot to double down on the regenerative therapy. Think of the P Shot as an accelerant for the healing and restoration of youthful tissue.

I think it’s best to do the P Shot as close to the first GAINSWave treatment as possible.

I can’t tell you how many GAINSWaves you’ll need. Most doctors want to give you a series of six within two to four weeks.

Some guys have needed 18 treatments to get back their function. Some men like Tim are happy with a single treatment once or twice a year. People’s health is a spectrum, so I can’t tell you how many treatments to get.

If it were me, I’d suggest a good place to start is with six treatments and one PRP shot in the first week.

A PRP Shot takes three months to take full effect. I’ve used PRP for hair restoration, and the rhythm that seems to be optimal for me is one PRP treatment every 90 days, done three times. Think of PRP as being “buildable.” You can get one, or you can get a couple. 

I’ve had 7 O Shots over the last six years. I feel good now, but the first one didn’t seem like it did anything – and that was because I was so atrophied that the first one was just fixing significant desiccation. 

You can get more than one P Shot. Some men have reported experiencing changes in their erectile function after a single PRP shot, but individual results may vary, and there is no guarantee of specific outcomes. Feel your way through. And expect that you will have to keep chasing the atrophy that comes with aging. Aging doesn’t stop. 

So for the average guy, not a guy with severe erectile dysfunction, but a guy who has a suitable hard-on and wants to make it even more robust — the 40 to 50-year-old guy who wants a banging boner, not the 70-year-old guy with diabetes who is also on blood pressure medicine and doesn’t eat well or exercise —  that guy I’d have to defer to his local practitioner.

For a healthy man reversing atrophy,  I’d suggest this kind of schedule:

  1. Six GAINSWave treatments up to six weeks apart. You can do two or one a week, but less will not get optimal results.
  2. Wait 12 weeks and see if you feel you need another six treatments.
  3. Do the first P Shot around the first or second week.
  4. Add another P-shot toward the end of the treatment, or if you decide to do another round of GAINSWave, do it the first or second week of the second round.

The practitioner must apply the shockwave treatment per the established protocols and guidelines given by the GAINSWave training to ensure safety and effectiveness. Always consult a qualified GAINSWave professional to determine the appropriate treatment plan.

Don’t go to someone who has a shockwave machine but isn’t GAINSWave trained. They can cause damage or waste your money. The training is VITAL! Different devices require different applications. Only use a trained GAINSWave professional. You should see their certification on the wall of their office. Confirm the person doing your treatment is the person who has been trained and completed the GAINSWave training. Don’t let someone who was trained by someone else qualified to do your procedure.

The trained practitioner will not just treat your penis; they will get up under your balls into your perineum so your prostate gets some action. The practitioner will send the waves deep around the base of the shaft of your penis, where it goes into your body to restore more pelvic blood flow. Half your penis is buried in your abdomen. That needs restorative waves to knock off the plaque, stimulate tissue and nerve growth, and get the blood supply thrumming in your entire penile shaft. 

During this time, I heartily recommend you follow each GAINSWave and each PRP Shot with every-other-day penis pumping. Pumping right after your treatments, and especially with the PRP Shot, can increase ALL the benefits of these treatments. 

Buy your pump BEFORE you go and start pumping ten days before the treatments so you get the hang of it and you’re already stimulating new blood supply.

Consider incorporating FLOW into your routine, as it contains ingredients that help support blood flow. 

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Even if you don’t want to pump for enlargement, some users have reported increased size after using a penis pump like The Whopper. When you pump, you further support and leverage all the healing from the treatments.

The pump I recommend is

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It gets a lot more of all of your tissue into the cylinder than any other pump on the market. The big cylinder accommodates your penis AND your testicles. Though your testicles won’t grow from pumping, only your penis, having the blood pulled into the base around your shaft is SUPER GOOD for getting more blood flow into your penis. It will pull through your pelvis, deep into the shaft area, external shaft, and glans. You want to be pumping after every GAINSWave and P Shot treatment and every other day throughout and beyond the treatment duration.

I’ve been working with this company for years, and many customers have reported using the pump for various reasons, such as atrophy management, size enhancement, Peyronie’s improvement, and erectile support. 

Penis pumps like The Whopper are self-care devices. (And they feel good!)

Complete Metal Hand Pump System


The Whopper pump features a unique two-cylinder system encompassing more of the penile shaft. Some users have reported experiencing stimulation and growth.

This increases blood carry capacity significantly. As a bonus, it also increases girth, like most pumps, and length. The larger cylinder included with The Whopper pump is designed to exert more force on the suspensory ligament, which some users have reported as helping increase the appearance of length and thickness.

If you prefer a more convenient option, consider upgrading to the electric Premium pump, which is hands-free.

Electric Whopper


Using a pump, PRP Shot, and GAINSWave may support improved blood flow, firmer erections, and increased size for some users.

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2 Responses

  1. I am very interested in the GAINSWAVE treatment but prices vary between $8,000 and $10,000 for a series of treatments. For many, this is a princely sum. Are there other options?

    1. Ed,
      Please go to and use the provider directory. GAINSWave is a flat rate for ALL providers. They cannot charge more as part of their agreement to be a provider. The cost is $3,000 for 6 treatments. However, if you mention promo code BETTER, you will be given a 7th treatment free. That is a $500 bonus, which is fantastic.

      I really recommend GAINSWave as the single best thing you can do to reverse ED.

      Let me know how you do.


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