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How To Heal From Sexual Abuse, Trauma, And Shame

how to heal from sexual abuse

Are you or your partner held back from intimacy due to trauma? 

After all this time working with singles and couples on their sexuality, I realized that a majority of us had experienced some form of sexual abuse, sexual trauma, or sexual shame. And it’s not just women… men experience trauma too.

Now, it may not be as severe a case as physical abuse. Trauma can stem from subtle ways, such as communicating in social situations, what society teaches our children, and how our parents raised us. Even how our bodies have been touched in seemingly innocent medical cases can cause sexual shame.

In today’s video, trauma therapist and somatic educator Ariel Giarretto and I discuss how you may have experienced sexual trauma, abuse, and shame.

And how it may have affected our interactions with others, how we experience sexual pleasure, and how open we are about our sexuality.

Watch Our Videos Here ⇐ Playlist Sexual Abuse, Trauma, And Shame (And How To Heal)


We also talk about a beautiful exercise you can follow as we speak.

This exercise helps you heal, get in touch, become friends with your body, and receive sensations and pleasure. 

I can’t wait for you to experience it yourself. 

As I said, I believe most people have experienced some form of sexual abuse, trauma, and shame… and we owe it to ourselves to heal and love pleasure again.

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I also want to give you a GIFT about Rewriting Your Libido Love Story. 

Dr. Keesha Ewers, a doctor of sexual functional medicine, and I give you the tools to right the wrongs of your past, find forgiveness for betrayals, and come through to the other side letting go of emotional burdens holding you back from having the best sexual experience of your life. 

You deserve the God-given human right of pleasure and connection with a partner. 

This is one of the most helpful, healing, wholesome conversations on reversing sexual trauma I’ve ever had. 

If your sex drive (or your partner’s sex drive) has suffered from past issues, check this out now. 

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