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Sex Swing For Lovers (VIDEO)

hanging sex swing

3 Women And A Sex Swing. If you want to know where to find the super sexy hanging sex swing and the tools needed to put it together, read on.

I’m so excited for you to see my newest video series, Healthy Sex Toys for Couples.

Joining me are the charming and adorable Amy Baldwin and April Lampert, hosts of the Shameless Sex podcast. I was on their show, and we fell in love. So they joined me in the studio.

As we were planning this sex-toys-for-couples series, I remembered that one of the most fun things Tim and I do is hang our sex swing outside under our deck on quiet summer afternoons. That’s an outside gas fireplace behind me in the picture because even in summer Mill Valley can get a little chilly.



This time, Amy and I took turns in the sex swing so you could see how fun it is!

Watch Our BetterLover Video Here ⇐ 3 Women And A Sex Swing 

Imagine all the steamy sex positions you can try out with this thing.

If you watch the video, you can see the 3 of us act out some of our sexy ideas in front of you.

We switched places and roles, laughed, giggled, and gyrated as we took turns swinging on the Sex Swing for you.

These women are WILD! And I love them.

You’re going to love them (and the Sex Swing) too. It’s like you’re a teenager again as it brings back the zest in your sex life.

Watch Our Video Here ⇐ 3 Women And A Sex Swing

Shameless Sex 2

If you want to know where to find the super sexy Sex Swing and the tools needed to put it together, I put the links in the description below the video.

Make sure you watch us perform for you first.

That way, you can start dreaming about the hundreds of ways you’re going to use it with your lover/s.

Get The Sex Swing, And Chair Stand Here ⇐ Have Fun With This Swing! 

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