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The 4 Ways She Seduces Her Man

Make him insanely sexually happy.

This article contains pleasure secrets for women. If you’re a guy, you can read it to give your lady good direction to make you insanely sexually happy.

I get a lot of women asking about what they can do to pleasure men. I love this question because I adore giving women ways to make men insanely sexually happy.

Knowing that every man has different set of sexual priorities, it’s up to you to see which of these recommendations blow his mind.

There are four basic categories to consider:

  1. Enthusiasm
  2. Visual Cues
  3. Physical Preferences
  4. Fantasy Desires

If you haven’t watched my double banger video series start here:

How To Make Love To A Woman Versus A Man
How Men Versus Women Like To Be Made Love To

These are both funny and right on in their advice about how you as a woman differ greatly from a man’s approach to sex.

How To Make Love To A Woman


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Let’s start with enthusiasm. Most men are always a little worried that they are truly wanted, especially for sex. The more you make it all right, the more you show your desire for him, the easier it is for him to relax and have a great time.

If a man does anything to shame you about your lust for him, don’t take it personally. Remember that men grew up in the same sexually-repressed society you did! Just let him know that when he does “that” you contract. Give him a reframe or ask for a do-over so you get back on the same page.

Enthusiasm can look like suggestive or dirty talk leading up to lovemaking. It could be you wearing lingerie as a visual cue to send him a signal that it’s go time. He might love some sexy pics of you texted to his phone.

Whatever says, “game on” and then continues during lovemaking such as you dancing seductively for him, climbing on top of him, and suggesting new sex positions or locations (especially in front of a mirror) to make love will show him you are excited to be with him.

Suggesting and offering a variety of fun ideas including incorporating new sex toys into your sex play get him excited too. Consider a sex swing in front of the mirror for a really fun time! A blow job in the parking lot, hot kissing in the bathroom at the restaurant, anything out of the ordinary will add to his sexual satisfaction.

Having a lot of techniques that you can use to stimulate him means a lot to a guy. Watch my Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection of over 200 advanced lovemaking techniques to get really good at both giving and receiving. There are over 40 fellatio techniques alone on that video series. Every time I watch I learn something new I haven’t seen before.

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Knowing how to ride him, how to go down on him, how to give him a lingam (penis) massage with a bunch of techniques no woman has ever done to him before is probably the single smartest skill to cultivate. The Steamy Sex Ed® shows you all this in a heart-connected series of videos that will turn you on and turn you into a bedroom goddess.

Role play can also be a sexual novelty that he will never forget. French Maid, School Girl, Dominatrix… What sexy character is inside you dying to come out? Fantasy desires are different for all men. Some love leather, some lace. Some have a foot fetish, others dream of a threesome.


If you just remember the secret combination of enthusiasm + novelty you’ll do well. Show up excited and try something new and your guy will be so thrilled to be your partner.

Here is a video with four oral pleasuring techniques, two for you, two for him. The ones for him are called, Lord of the Rings and Every Which Way But Loose.

I promise you’ve never seen these before! I demonstrate them fully clothed. And you will also learn six different aspects of oral pleasure you can play around with.

It’s always a great idea to ask a guy what his fantasies are. He has them. If you can make it safe for him to share them, you can indulge him.

My husband Tim has created so many sexy fun times for me just by sharing some of his fantasies. He has an awesome dirty mind and I love trying the new things he thinks up!

Your best bet is to start with a library of stimulated sex moves you’ve memorized. Then when you’re having sex, you’ll thrill him with your skills! The Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection is what I created for you to blow him away.

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Email me or leave a comment below anytime with questions or ideas . I love to hear from you, girlfriend.

Lovely Susan Bratton

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