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How To Make A Woman Orgasm From Penetration

How To Make A Woman Orgasm From Penetration Video

I get a lot of emails from men who want to know how to make a woman orgasm from penetration…and even more from women who struggle to come through penetration. Do you want to know how to give your woman toe-curling orgasms during intercourse? I bet you do! Read on (or watch the video below) for my experienced take.

Click Here To Watch Our YouTube Video How To Give Her Penetration Orgasms From Intercourse.

I’ve read pretty much every single book out there on sex. One of the things I’ve noticed is that when sexperts get to talking about orgasms from intercourse, they skirt the issue. They say, “Orgasms from intercourse are not that important” or “Penetration orgasms are the white male patriarchy trying to oppress us!

I don’t think so.

It’s my belief that every single man in this universe can give every single woman in this universe orgasms by putting his penis in her vagina if the conditions are right.

I’ve thought long and hard about all the things that hold couples back from experiencing this bonded bliss. Yes, I do think vaginal orgasms are the Holy Grail of hetero sex. And I’m going to tell you exactly how to master the vaginal orgasm in this article. (Don’t have time to read right now? Click here to get your free gift “The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date” and learn how you and your lover can both surrender to passion).

Alright, ready to learn how to make a woman orgasm from penetration?

How to Make a Woman Orgasm from Penetration – The Three Concepts You Need to Know

As a man, you need to know the three concepts that a woman requires to achieve multiple orgasms. These three fundamental ways to make a woman orgasm from penetration are context, variety, and engorgement.

1) Context

Context is the environment for sex. Most men are happy to have sex almost anywhere. A woman needs the right environment so she can relax and surrender into her pleasure for you. This article will focus specifically on context, the crucial first step in how to make a woman orgasm from penetration.

2) Variety

As in a variety of stimulation techniques. Variety is how you can provide her body with the stimulation it needs to be able to have orgasms from all parts of her body: nipple-gasms, g-spot orgasms, clitoral-gasms, anal-gasms, kissing-gasms, blowjob-gasms and the Holy Grail of orgasms, penetration orgasms. In this video, I’ll tell you more about what it takes to turn a woman on to the point where she can have many orgasms with you each time you make love.

3) Engorgement

You really want to know how to make a woman orgasm from penetration? Focus on engorgement. Engorgement is the swelling up of her vaginal tissue. You wouldn’t want to have sex without a hard-on and your woman shouldn’t have sex without a hard-on, too. When orgasms are elusive, she won’t feel safe and relaxed. She’s not getting the stimulation she needs and she’s unable to get herself fully engorged. Without this, she might have to have an orgasm from a vibrator, but not from a penis. A variety of techniques helps you get her erectile tissue engorged, which is part of how to make her orgasm from penetration. Find out more about engorgement in this video.

See how all three of these concepts play an important role in getting your woman ready for penetration? When they’re all in place you’ll be giving her many kinds of orgasms, especially from penis-in-vagina intercourse.

How to Make a Woman Orgasm from Penetration by Bridging the Orgasm Gap

The Orgasm Gap is a very real concept preventing your woman from coming as much as she wants through intercourse. A man can ejaculate so easily from intercourse that their one sexual issue is stamina – coming too fast or suffering from premature ejaculation. A man will come 95% of the time from penetration. A women’s success rate will be maybe half if she tries really hard and all the conditions are right.

The thing is: this is a huge opportunity for you to give her penetration orgasms when you do the right things leading up to intercourse! You can bridge that Orgasm Gap between you two and make her orgasm from penetration by using context, variety and engorgement. Using these three key concepts you’ll make her come with more intensity and reliability. Then she’ll want to have a lot more sex with you – how’s that for an incentive? (Take it all up a notch with your free gift, “The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date” and really put that Orgasm Gap behind you.)

How to Make a Woman Orgasm from Penetration Using Context

Let’s dive deeper into context. Context is her physical and emotional environment. A lot has to be in place for a woman to feel comfortable enough to relax, get turned on, and let orgasmic pleasure arise within her. How to make a woman orgasm from penetration? Take your foot off the gas and focus on creating a soothing, sexy environment.

The Room

The setting of the room you’re making love in is incredibly important. Every woman likes different things so first, you’ll have to find out what makes her comfortable. Some may like it warmer in the bedroom, others may want to cool down to get relaxed. If the lighting is blue and bright, she may not want to take her clothes off because it doesn’t make her look pretty. You may have to swap out the light bulbs in your bedroom with 15-watt orange bulbs so the room is bathed in a glow of candlelight color. An even better way is to turn off the lights and spark up the candles. Figure out what lighting is needed to make her feel comfortable getting naked.

Music really helps to set the mood – what kind of music does she like? Does she like it loud and pulsing or soft and mellow?

Is the room locked so you won’t be disturbed by roommates or kids? Is your phone turned off?

Do you have good lube that’s good for her genitals? Do you have it warmed and ready so that you’re not trying to rub her genitals with dry, scratchy hands? Is there a towel around so that she doesn’t have to worry about getting the bed wet if she has an ejaculatory orgasm? Think about how you can draw an environment that’s conducive to her comfort.

STDs and Birth Control

Have you had the STD conversation during your sexual history talk? Because women are more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases, it’s important to make her feel that she’s not at risk. Are you using birth control? Have you talked about it? Focus first on easing her mind. Nothing is going to take her out of the moment faster (or prevent her from orgasming) than worrying about getting pregnant.

Clean Up

Women tell me that the number-one aspect they look for in a sexual partner is cleanliness. You need to smell and feel good for most women to be able to let go. If you’re stinky and scratchy, it turns her off. Women are very sensitive to things that you’d never even think of.

Have you trimmed and cleaned your fingernails? Are you sweet-smelling? Have you washed your face with soap and water? Did you closely shave your face? Have you washed your genitals, trimmed your pubic hair, and shaved your testicles? As unimportant as this may seem to you, paying attention to these details is going to really help you learn how to make your woman orgasm from penetration.

Talk to Her

You know how you love it when she puts on lingerie and slutty shoes and prances around for you? Making love to her in thigh-high stockings, stripper shoes, and a cup-less bra really turns you on. You love to see your woman’s body. However, she doesn’t need that from you to get turned on. You’re probably a hairy, sweaty scratchy dude and she still wants to have sex with you (amazing, right?).

She’s not as visual as you are. Instead, she’s verbal. She needs to hear you tell her how beautiful she is, how sexy your body feels, how safe everything is. That helps her relax and surrender enough to begin to open up to you during intercourse. If she’s clenching up, it’s nearly impossible for her to have intercourse orgasms, much less any orgasms.

So, throughout your lovemaking session, tell her what a good girl she is, how much she turns you on, how you’re going to make her feel good, how beautiful her breasts and genitals are, and how she’s a woman who turns you on. Tell her how you’re taking care of her. These verbal reassurances will let those orgasms bubble out of her. Context is setting a safe space and keeping it safe verbally the entire time.

The Sexual Soulmate Pact

I recommend the Sexual Soulmate Pact, which is an agreement between the two of you before you start having sex. Do this after you’ve talked about your STD tests and your sexual boundaries. This tells her that she can tell you anything.

Tell her to let you know whether you’re doing it too hard or whether it’s uncomfortable. Tell her that every time she gives you feedback, you’ll say “Okay, baby” or “Got it” or “Alright, how’s this?” With the Sexual Soulmate Pact, she can stay in her passion mind instead of her business brain. She can let you know what her little animal body needs in the moment. You could be sliding in and out of her and she may need it deeper, faster, harder, lighter or to be kissed deeply. Making it safe for her to give you feedback sets the context that she can trust that you won’t hurt her. She can then surrender to her pleasure.

When she’s free to ask for what she needs, it increases your chances of having her orgasm while you’re inside her. That’s the value of setting a comfortable context in advance and not rushing to push yourself inside her before she’s adequately aroused.

Your Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date

You can absolutely learn how to make a woman orgasm from penetration by using context to set the scene. I want to help you have the most powerful and pleasurable penetration orgasms possible. I’ve put together a recording of my best ideas for setting up a sexy environment for passionate lovemaking – and it’s free for you! Click here to get your free gift, “The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date.”

This audio recording will teach you the method that you and your lover can use to surrender to passion. You’ll get a winning step-by-step plan to personalize. And you’ll learn why this strategy is hotter than spontaneous sex for explosive pleasure. You’ll also start receiving my best tips for sexual bliss – but don’t worry, you can always unsubscribe at any time. Click here to get your free gift so you can get busy.

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