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“Last 15 years sexless, and NOW SEX AGAIN!”


“My wife and I have been married for 38 years. The last 15 have been sexless, minus one short intercourse three years ago on New Year’s Eve.”

One of my best-selling programs is Revive Her Drive because this is so common. 

And it’s popular because it works exceptionally well, especially when the masculine accepts his role and responsibility as the sexual leader in the relationship. 

For decades, I’ve heard stories about marriages devoid of intimacy and lovemaking, turning into lush, evergreen, highly sexual, and intimate soulmate connections. 

Couples who could barely talk to each other suddenly reconnect like best friends and lovers.

But is the program strictly for guys?

I’ve received many emails about relationship breakthroughs from loving husbands using Revive Her Drive. Ken (not his real name) asks me which modules in Revive Her Drive he can have his wife go through. 

Check out Ken’s email about his remarkable progress, his question, and my response below. 

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“Hello Susan,

I purchased Revive Her Drive a few weeks ago. I’m almost through listening to the sessions in the Seduction Summit as part of Revive Her Drive. I’ve read the first four eBooks in the program. I’m having some “A-ha” moments as I listen to the various experts.

My wife and I have been married for 38 years. The last 15 have been sexless, minus one short intercourse three years ago on New Year’s Eve.

Having read and heard much of RHD, I now realize how wrong my thinking has been over the past 15 and probably over the past 38 years.

I have not been leading her and mistakenly waiting for her to initiate sex. 

But to my amazement, during the night of my oldest daughter’s wedding — while the 30-something family and friends were still partying in their villa — and as we were just hanging out in our oceanfront suite — she came up to me and said, “if you want it you better get it now.” 

 We had a pleasant sexual encounter, including me giving her oral sex for a few minutes and an excellent long session of missionary intercourse.

I’m working on the RHD system to ensure this continues. We haven’t had sex since we returned home, but not because of a lack of desire for either of us. There’s been plenty of sexual suggestions. 

I have one question for you now and will likely have more later. 

What Revive Her Drive materials would be appropriate for my wife to read or listen to?

Thanks for this program, as I feel it is going to change our lives and help us to have great love, partnership, and sex for years to come.” — Ken


Hi Ken,

I am thrilled with your progress. Proof that these four elements of revival work.

Your question is, which parts should your wife listen to?


This program is solely for men who want to lead their woman to her sexual potential and get her to want them for sex again.

This is your job as the masculine leader to lead her.

Just keep it to yourself and work the program. Your wife has been WAITING for you to take this lead. 

Make it fun! 

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Susan And Tim Dine Out

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