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Listen To Susan Explain Sexual Polarity


Listen To Susan Explain “Polarity” and How To Be the Masculine Man She Wants To Make Love To (MP3 and Streaming Options)

Still in the Valentine’s Day mood?

Want to engender your woman’s femininity?

Want to inspire her erotic abandon?

Want hot, sexy charge in the bedroom?

Want a deeply intimate relationship full of passion?

If you’re a woman, you probably want to experience all these things.

The answer is Polarity.

Polarity is the attraction of opposites – the magnetic pull of the masculine/feminine.

The Yin|Yang.

The more you bring your masculine energy to your relationship, the more your woman can be her feminine self, which makes love making hotter, more intimate and more satisfying.

Polarity is one of the Four Elements of Revival outlined in Revive Her Drive – the four steps it takes to turn your sexual relationship from flat or worsening to turned-on and slipping pleasurably up what I call “the upward pleasure spiral.”

Many members write to me asking me to define polarity and explain ways to be more masculine in relationship. This 25 minute audio is my answer to how you do just that.

Polarity by Susan Bratton [FREE MP3] ⇐ CLICK HERE

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