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How To Flip Her Arousal Switch

How To Flip Her Arousal Switch

A lot of men believe that just because they can be horny all the time…

That their lovers can also consciously flip their own “arousal switch” anytime, anywhere.

This is FAR from reality. Women have to be slowly seduced and aroused to feel enough desire to willingly surrender to their men.

Not to mention that it’s a common problem for women in relationships to lose their interest in steamy, hot sex after the “new relationship” high has gone.

Take it from one of my readers who is currently having problems getting sex from his wife. He’s going through this exact same thing.

Scroll down for his story and my reply.

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“Hello, Susan. I’m 55. I’ve been married for 2 years to a new woman.

For the first year, we had off-the-hook sex. Starting last year, she started wanting it less and less. For the past 6 months, sex has been terrible. It was like once every 2 weeks.

Not to mention sex only lasts for about 25 minutes. She may or may not come with me, but she used to squirt a lot before. Now, barely anything.

However, I’ve been reading your emails. I’ve tried talking her through this. I love her with my heart and soul. Slowly, sex has been getting a little better. My wife is starting to open up. I think I need more advice from you on how to keep this going. Thanks.” — Mitchell (name changed for privacy)

Mitchell, here’s what I think.

She’s bored with the sex you’re having, and she feels it’s not good for her anymore.

That’s why you practically have to talk her through it and beg her for sex. Now that the “new relationship” energy has worn off, she’s not “feeling it” anymore.

Where YOU are horny all the time because of your testosterone, she’s only interested in sex when she’s ovulating, if at all, because most women don’t naturally feel horny… they become aroused AFTER they are seduced toward pleasure.

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