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What is GAINSwave And How Can It Help Men With ED

What is GAINSwave And How Can It Help Men With ED

Can GAINSWave do this and that? Will it really work for me and my situation?

A lot of men ask me about GAINSWave and the P-Shot, and they’re genuinely interested in learning more and are even considering going through the procedures.

I’m a believer in these therapies, and so is my husband Tim (after going through them himself.)

That’s why I love talking about them. I know how much regaining your man cannon’s full power and potential means to you.

One of my readers asked if it could help his “erection recovery” problem.

Check out his email and my reply below.


“Hi Susan,

I have been doing some research on GAINSWave since you sent out your email about it a few weeks ago.

My issue is recovery time after ejaculation. I travel weekly for work, and I’m able to achieve a solid erection and have sex from one week to the next.

However, after I ejaculate it is kind of hit or miss if I’m able to achieve a solid erection within the next 24-48 hours before heading out of town again.  

Also, I’m 44 years old and I’m 5’9” 160lbs. Have any advice for me? Thanks.



Hi Frank,

I’m not a doc, but it seems like you’d be a fantastic candidate for the, “Tireless Tool Triad” of GAINSWave with a P Shot and a Penis Pump.

The GAINSWave breaks down the plaque and does micro damage to the tissue that your body repairs. This is “regenerative medicine.”

The P Shot, made from PRP from your own blood, is put into that damaged tissue to speed the healing and increase the benefits of the repair.

The Whopper penis pump used every other day for 13 weeks increases the blood carrying capacity of your penis so that your erections are improved.

You can also add the Huge Load Super Pack of smoothie formulas to your morning routine to increase your semen volume.

Some guys need one treatment, some guys need a series of 18 treatments to see the effects. It really depends on how much plaque is built up in your venous system. Also, how much alcohol and sugar you ingest affects the nerve tissue — which these three protocols also reverse.

Since you’re in good health, this group of regenerative protocols could get your man hammer back to its youthful experience.

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Let me know if you go get the treatments.

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