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How to Revive Her Sex Drive: Expert Strategies to Rekindle Passion

When the husband tries to “be nice” and not push her, they leave the habit of sex and never re-establish it.

Men always write to me asking how they can bring back the spiciness in the bedroom. 

They can’t quite get their lovers to “get it on” with them anymore. 

They’re no longer making love as often as they used to. 

If you’re in this situation, and you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, don’t worry. 

It’s not your fault. However, you can do something about it, just like Ron.

He emailed me about his sex life being parched after his wife had kids.

Scroll down below for his email and my response.

30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic ⇐ To Get You Laid

Revive Her Drive ⇐ Respark The Intimacy, Passion, And Explosive Romance


“Hi Susan,

Do you have a program that could help me and my wife reconnect on a sexual level or help my wife regain her sexual confidence?

It’s been hard since the birth of our first child, as my wife has been feeling down since she gained about 20 extra pounds— and has been struggling with her weight/body image her entire life.

Any advice would be appreciated these days. I feel a bit lost about what I can do to make her feel desirable again.” — Ron


Hi Ron,

I’m thrilled you want to try to revive your wife’s sex drive.

It’s so crazy that men have testosterone which drives them to crave sex. And women have estrogen, which makes them worry about stuff like an extra 20 pounds. And Madison Avenue shows us airbrushed perfection we can never attain. Then kids suck our energy dry.

Add to it the fact that we are told, “good girls don’t,” and all that societal and religious repression.

Generally, humans span the bell curve in their sexual desire. There are a lot of women who are hornier than their husbands. But one of the most common scenarios is that the wife’s drive diminishes after turning her attention to the children.


The husband tries to “be nice” and not push her, and they fall out of the habit of sex, never to re-establish it.

For many women, the sex is just not that good anyway. And they appreciate the excuse of being too tired for sex or looking too fat.

That’s because intercourse is only a part of why women want sex. And the husband gets a little pissed at her lack of sex. So he stops romancing her. He withdraws emotionally. He focuses on work instead of being exciting to her. And he only touches her for sex. Or she stops touching him so he won’t want sex.

It’s hard for guys to believe women don’t want sex. Because it feels SO GOOD to them, and it’s hard for a guy to hear that he’s not good enough in bed to have her wanting him. But if he were, she would ask for sex even if she was tired. She’d find a way to manage the schedule to get laid.

So the chasm widens.

Twenty years later, when the last kid enters the world, she divorces him because he’s not emotionally there for her. And he’s like a deer in the headlights. He never saw it coming. He was being patient with her. And then she leaves him.

The good news is that you’re catching this in time and can prevent all of this from happening.

There are FOUR STEPS to getting her to want you for sex again.

First, you must go back to romancing her. She needs to remember why she wanted to have sex with you in the first place.

And you can’t just go through the motions. You have to show up, be fun and exciting, and focus all your full attention on her. (even if you’re pissed)

Here is a downloadable ebook (gift) called “30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic (To Get You Laid).

Don’t overthink it. Just do these things in any order, any time. Set an intention to just frigging DO IT. No excuses. Figure it out.

Number two: Remind her body she likes to be touched. There are different kinds of touch. You can’t just touch her for sex. She needs stroking. Kissing. Holding. Hugging. Ass grabs. Eyelid kisses.

You are essentially petting her animal body without trying to have it escalate to sex. You’re earning her trust.

If every time you touch her, you’re trying to get sex, she will become elusive, and you’ll end up sleeping in another room, or a kid will end up in your marriage bed wedged between you two.

The third step is re-establishing the masculine-feminine balance in the bedroom. When she controls all the sex… 

You’ve lost your masculine edge when you two are platonically running the family and your lives together, especially if she makes more money or manages the money in your relationship.

She’s not interested in fucking her friend. She wants a MAN to ravish her.

When you’re afraid to even ask for sex, it’s hard to ravish her. 

So I teach you HOW to become that man again in the bedroom and not let her become the alpha male that shuts you down.

I have all these steps with examples of what to do outlined in my program, Revive Her Drive

Guys who go through this program say they thought they were buying it to “fix” their wife. When in hindsight, they realized they had to regrow their balls. And that made the major difference in returning to having hot sex again.

Trust me. Nobody but me teaches this stuff. So don’t feel like other guys know this and you missed the memo.  It took me YEARS to figure this out and make a program men could follow while customizing their relationships and their wife’s personality.

The success stories guys send me are heartwarming. They are SO happy when they see a breakthrough.

But don’t share that you are going through this program with your wife. You have to hold the masculine frame. She doesn’t need to know you are learning how to be the man she desires. 

And there will be setbacks. Old habits die hard for both of you.

So #1 is becoming romantic together again. #2 is reawakening her sensual side. #3 is taking masculine control in a way she LOVES and doesn’t resist.

And #4 is learning how a woman’s body works so you can play her like a violin… no, like a symphony.

There is a lot of sexual stimulation information you can add to your knowledge to show her orgasmic potential. At this point, she might think she’s doing great having one orgasm. 

She doesn’t know yet that you can give her 30 orgasms on a single-sex date. She can come from clitoral stimulation, G-Spot, P-Spot, vaginal intercourse, anal sex, breast massages, kissing, going down on you, having you go down on her, even from a foot massage!

So your job, should you accept it, is to unfold what she can do sexually.

This is half masculine sexual leadership and half sexual education on your part that you teach to her. 

I have many other programs you can go through to learn how to stroke her clitoris into half-hour orgasms, how to give her female ejaculatory orgasms, how to give and receive incredible oral sex…

There is SO MUCH FUN in being a couple with Erotic Playdates to learn together.

“Couples who play together stay together, especially in the bedroom.”


But you can’t put the cart before the horse.

Listen to the audio and read the short ebooks in Revive Her Drive. Start doing some of these romance tricks. 

And then, as you see her respond, I’ll help you figure out the next sexual pleasuring skills you need to turn her into a total slut for you in the bedroom. 

30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic ⇐ To Get You Laid 

Revive Her Drive ⇐ Respark The Intimacy, Passion, And Explosive Romance 

how to revive her sex drive

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