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Janet’s sex life is monotonous and her husband is not satisfying her. Part of the reason why is because he’s not sexually confident due to his penis size.

Dear Susan,

“My husband has a hang up over his penis size. Size helps, but it isn’t everything. Try telling that to a man.

He’s gained weight and doesn’t feel good about himself. I feel like he’s only having sex with me when he needs a release.

I want more passion, more foreplay, and more romance. I want to be held after sex and cherished in that moment. Our sex life is monotonous and quite often I don’t have the energy to invest into sexual acts.

What advice can you give me? There wasn’t much discussion growing up about sexuality! You have empowered me and encouraged me to move forward to seek a solution. I love your directness and ability to drive people to better their sex lives.” — Janet

Dear Janet,

Thank you for coming to me with this issue. More and more men are ashamed of their penis size. I think this is a modern day problem due to them watching the giant penises on porn.

But I also honor a person’s feelings about their own bodies. You have to deal with how they feel, even if you don’t agree with it. It’s no different than a woman who feels that her breasts are too small and she wants implants.

I want to address his depression, weight gain and lack of bedroom skills. But first let’s tackle the penis size issue.

You can support him in increasing the size of his penis in two ways. The first is in giving him regular blow jobs where you actually suckle his penis like a baby nurses an areola and nipple. It’s a suckling (not just sucking) action that will expand his penis volume and improve his erectile function.

I’ve done a video on it and you can watch it here. Please also subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there. It’s free and sends a signal to YouTube that my content is valuable, which helps me grow my reach to help more people (my mission is passion).

BLOW AND GROW TECHNIQUE ⇐ Increases Penis Size

When you’re doing this suckling, also do other motions and pleasurable sensations. If you don’t know how to give a great blow job, get my Steamy Sex Ed Video Collection with over 40 techniques for fellatio (and another 40 for cunnilingus).

Most importantly, make sure YOU are enjoying yourself. Giving fellatio is as pleasurable as getting it. You’ll enjoy it more as you gain confidence and relax into it. You can learn to give yourself orgasms from fellatio! Give it a try.

The second way to increase his penis size is through regular use of a penis pump. Penis pumps work on the same principle as the suckling. It’s called, hormesis. Exercise is a classic example of hormesis — you damage your muscle fibers and they build back bigger and stronger.

You’re actually doing tiny little micro-damage to his penile tissue, which is causing it to grow. You can incorporate this Blow and Grow technique and penis pumping into your sexual time spent together.

The pumping system I recommend is for both length and girth. If you get involved with him on this he will feel confident to do it, instead of ashamed. And it will normalize the process for him so he sticks with it for 90 days.

After 13 weeks he will look down and not even recognize himself! He’s going to be so delighted.

Here’s how you get involved. You don’t have to do this every time. But especially getting him started, having you there being totally cool and supporting him will really help him.

You’d want the same level of support if you were having a boob job or what ever… so you be there for him, girl. He’s your man.

Have him relax with you. You coat his penis with the lube and put the cylinder on for him. He needs to be flaccid with pump #1. Pump him up. And while he’s letting the vacuum work for 10 minutes, you go get yourself ready for lovemaking. The two pump system I recommend is called, The Whopper.

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It’s fun to see his penis get big in the first pump. After 10 minutes, he releases the vacuum. Removes his penis. You come back and give him a deep hand job for 3 more minutes with lube. Then with his penis erect, you put the second cylinder on him. Pump up to the correct vacuum again. Finish getting the room ready for sex. Candles. Music. Water. Towels. Your lube. Toys. Whatever you need.

You could even squat over him and have him go down on you while the pumps are on him. He can play with your breasts. You can kiss. Make it fun for him to pump! The slow, 10 minute stretching of the skin and penile tissue is a hands-free situation. And he needs to do it twice. So you’re looking at a half hour, every other day for 13 weeks to see results.

He can keep pumping longer than 90 days, of course. There are guys who’ve pumped for over a decade and keep seeing gains. But he can also switch to a maintenance mode of pumping a few times a month to preserve the gains he got.

At the end of the second set, he will be very engorged. At that time you can have intercourse, or you can continue with foreplay and oral pleasuring. There is no rush.

The only thing I’d ask you to do is have him refrain from ejaculating until at least 2 hours after pumping. The ejaculation drains the blood too fast from the penile chambers and reverses the gains you got from pumping.

Pumping works because you’re expanding his blood carrying capacity.

He can hold his ejaculation until the next day, masturbate later that day, or just make love the following day and let it all go.

Have him ejaculate inside you as much as possible as his semen is excellent for your brain function, mood, and womanly cycling. If you need information on non-hormonal birth control options, or all the goodies in his semen that benefit you, I have videos on both of those on my Better Lover YouTube channel as well. Good watching!

The pumping will make his penis bigger and improve his confidence. Trying lots of new things like this in the bedroom will reverse the monotony you’ve been feeling.

As far as having him hold you and cherish you, teach him The Soulmate Embrace.

For more foreplay and better oral and intercourse, use the Steamy Sex Ed Video Collection to learn new techniques together. Here are 8 Playful Bedroom Adventures based on the Steamy video collection.

Make The Sexual Soulmate Pact together so he is open to getting your feedback and you can teach him how to pleasure you.

All three of these techniques and programs will make sex fun and way more pleasurable.

And as far as his weight… start cooking together at night and take a walk together after dinner. Get in 20 miles or 32 km a week. That’s 3 miles and 5 km per day. Put Activity Tracker on your phone to track your progress.

Follow the Whole 30 or Longevity Diet when you cook. Both of you will lose weight, get fit and healthy which will increase your orgasmic sensation and pleasure.

This time in your marriage can be a renaissance. Learning these skills, growing your intimacy and his penis, eating well and getting healthy… It’s a fantastic couples project.

Here is my brand new Penis Pumping Guide with all the information you need to have the best results possible. (free)

Here’s the list in order:

  1. Talk to your husband about wanting to support him in pumping, walking and eating healthy.
  2. Order the pump and while you’re waiting for it to arrive, practice the Soulmate Embrace each night
  3. Read The Sexual Soulmate Pact together and discuss your plan to implement it
  4. Start cooking healthy meals and walking after dinner
  5. Get the pump, read my pumping guide and start pumping
  6. Begin watching the Steamy Sex Ed Video Collection together and practicing the techniques you want to learn on each other
  7. Keep up a regular pumping practice. Support and encourage him.
  8. Email Susan and let her know how you two are doing

There you go, Janet! This is not the last thing you two will have to overcome together. But it may be the most fun!

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  1. Why arent my comments showing up on the other articles i read? I actualy wrote some nice ones! Like with this, i think your words, advise, were nice! BUT, i have an issue with the fact that a guy is not given the oppertunity after ALL that to be able to ejaculate WHILE having sex? Are you kidding? Or wait to the next day with huge blue balls or masterbate by himself later? These are defenate PROBLEMS i have with your “procedure”!!

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