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Do You Know How To Ask For Sex?

The powerful combination of these Passionate Touches with Small Offers will give your wife the affection she needs and the slow escalation to sex that will get her turned on. 

Here is an email from a fan. He respectfully questions if we need to be more consistent with touch technique relationship advice.

On page 13 of “The Passion Patch,” you mention how placing your hand on the small of your partner’s back is a significant way of being a “caveman” with her and an excellent way to signal passionate intentions with her subtly.”


“Here in this email, you state that when Ken touches Clare on her back, it is a ‘creepy gesture that lacks confidence and is seething with sexual shame.’

How on earth, “IF” Ken had read “The Passion Patch,” is he to know that putting into practice what he read had the opposite effect from what he was aiming for? I would have done something similar, and I would have also felt angry having not gotten any positive response.

I hope you can see and understand what l am referring to here. Also, as stated above, I would like some clarification on this matter. I am baffled now.” — Bart (not his real name)

Dear Bart,

Thank you very, very much for asking for clarification. These two instances might need to be clarified.

Use the touch techniques in The Passion Patch during your typical days and evenings with your woman. These subtly arouse her body and increase your intimacy and connection throughout the day and night. This is what makes her want you more for sex.

You are not using these The Passion Patch touches to GET SEX. You are using these touches to keep your woman stimulated. To increase her bonding with you and make her feel connected to you.

If the only time you touch her is to have sex, it will decrease the amount of sex you get from her.

Women need more romance and touch to feel close and to want to have sex with you.

The fantastic touch techniques in The Passion Patch are what we women want our guys to do regularly so we feel loved, sexy, and cherished.

When you want to ask your partner to make love, touch her while looking her in the eyes and make her an offer. Don’t be shy about asking for sex. That is what made Ken seem creepy.

This is where Ken went wrong.

His timid touch behind her back was so light that she wasn’t even aware he was asking for sex as she drifted off to sleep. If he felt like he’d been lovingly touching her using Passion Patch touches all the time, and they had a loving marriage, it would have been a lot easier to make her a sexual offer confidently.

This is where he should have asked her earlier in the evening if they could go to bed early enough to make love. Instead, he waited until she nodded off and didn’t send her a clear signal.

There is one more VERY IMPORTANT piece to this. Sometimes, for women, asking for sex is “too big an offer.”

Husband: “Do you want to have sex?”

Wife: “No.”

In her mind, sex equals intercourse, and if she’s not turned on or horny to start, you will have more success by running her a menu of small offers.

Here is an audio where I explain how Small Offers work. ⇐ Listen Now or Download for Later

Small offers that escalate to sex are a technique you can learn to get you so much more sex than you can believe! This comes from Dr. Patti’s “Seduction Trilogy” program.

Click Here To Watch The Seduction Presentation ⇐ She Wants You to Make The Offers That Fit Her Perfectly So She Can Surrender to Her Passion and You

Discover The Passion Patch ⇐ The One Place To Touch Her To Arouse Her In 30 Seconds Flat.

Use the simple method in the Seduction Trilogy to drive your win rate through the roof.

The powerful combination of Passionate Touches with Small Offers will give your wife the affection she needs and the slow escalation to sex that will get her turned on. It’s a superb combination!

I can’t wait for you to try these two in tandem. It’s a real one-two punch to your frustrations.

Tim and Susan 2022

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