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How To Bring Her Passion Back

We all make mistakes. 

A lot of the time… and I do mean A LOT… 

We unknowingly do things that drive our partners away from us emotionally and physically. 

Even if we have the best intentions. 

Scroll down to read this email about a guy upset at his girlfriend’s lack of affection. 

Revive Her Drive With This ⇐ How To Ignite Passion And Intimacy Back Into Your Relationship


Hello Susan,

Thanks for replying to me when I was upset about my girlfriend not talking to me or being affectionate with me.

You asked me why.

Well, I really had no idea, and when I went and asked her what was bothering her, that only made things worse. So, after emailing you, I sat down. I did a lot of thinking about what was happening to us and why things were getting so distant and so bad that we didn’t even talk, let alone have any intimacy, after only 1 year of living together.

I returned to my old files and found the articles I’d saved. 

And boy, did it open my eyes! 

I was making almost all of the mistakes you talked about. 

I was playing the victim, had a huge “get mentality,” and had no integrity and no control over my emotions or my actions.

The realization of all that I was doing to drive her away and that it was my actions, the way I was saying things and the way I was communicating and transmitting, not the actual words but the way I was using them, was killing us.

It was a huge eye-opener, I took your advice and swallowed my pride, and sucked it up, and I got her to talk to me by first just asking her to listen and nothing more.

Once I started talking and explaining all I had done to drive her away and about how I finally understood why she was so distant and uninterested in me, she started to come around and really open up to me and communicate with me.

It was amazing, Susan; for the first time in months, we communicated and connected, and I finally understood what she was saying and was not lost.

So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I was facing certain doom, and now I have hope for the future and can see the light again.

My girl and I have such passion for each other, and the sex has never been dull for us. I have opened her to more than she ever let any other partner take her to, so we have no issue there.

As you say, I only now have to revive her drive and get back to where she can’t keep her hands off me like in the beginning.

So again thank you for that, I am looking forward to the Revive Her Drive program and am very excited to get started with that.”

– Pilot Paul

If you believe you may have been slowly and unknowingly pushing your partner away all this time, there’s STILL a way to pull them back.

But you have to act fast. Because who knows how deep the “invisible wounds” are right now? You will want to take action immediately.

Revive Her Drive With This ⇐ How To Ignite Passion And Intimacy Back Into Your Relationship

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