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8 Steps Classy Women Use To Dominate Their Men In Bed

Allow me to show you how a smart, sassy, classy woman can run the bedroom game and turn him into her love slave for the night.

Sonja wrote to me recently saying that she didn’t want a guy to dominate her in the bedroom.

She wanted to be the one in charge.

And asked me to give her my advice about what to do.

I was so happy to oblige because it’s a lot of guy’s dream to just sit back, relax and focus on receiving erotic pleasure.

It’s a different kind of steamy turn-on when you’re the one being pampered and pleasured like royalty. And your guy will get a kick out of letting go all of the control and letting you take over.

Men are sometimes so focused on giving their lovers amazing orgasms, that sometimes they put their own pleasure on the back burner.

So how about it? Would you like to turn the tables on your man tonight? Would you like to take on the dominant role and give your lover the experience of a lifetime?

Here are 8 simple, sexy steps.

  1. Talk about it with your lover.

Some guys may not like the idea of surrendering “control” at first, but after you open up the idea to him, it’ll soon turn into his new erotic fantasy.

Guys LOVE it when you show initiative. It turns him on knowing you want super hot sex just as much as he does. He doesn’t have to worry about rejection. And he feels very desired.

  1. Deliver on your promise to dominate him.

He will fantasize about the experience the moment you let him know you’re open to it.

His wild imaginations will linger in his horny little mind while he’s at work, when you’re getting groceries, and even when he’s paying his taxes.

That’s why you absolutely MUST follow through on your promise.

  1. Tease early and tease long.

Start teasing him about it days or maybe even a week before the “big night.”

Tease him with all the dirty and sexy things you’re going to do to him. Make him fantasize about it even more. Call him at work and tease him. Leave sexy little notes that pop the fantasy back into his head.

Make him think about it all day long. Drive him wild.

This puts you in a dominant space as he can’t help but feel aroused, yet is unable to experience immediate release and climax.

  1. Ask him for what he wants.

Give him the little bit of freedom he has left before you completely dominate him in bed.

Maybe he has his own little dominatrix fantasies he’s been shy to share. Trust me, he’ll have some. And be prepared to hear some kinky and crazy fascinations.

This puts his excitement and arousal on overload — but he has to wait and be patient.

Then when the “big night” comes, YOU decide which of his desires and fantasies you’ll give to him… and which you’ve been dreaming up on  your own.

  1. Dress super sexy for him.

If he’s the kind of guy who likes to see you in sexy clothes, give him a show he’ll never forget.

Put on your sexiest outfit for him. Get him salivating for you even before you lay a finger on him. And since you’ll be the “dom” in this scenario, tell him…

No touching… YET!

You can even wear your regular clothes on top of your sexy lingerie and strip it all off piece by piece in front of him. Take it slow. Dance a little. Grind yourself against him so slowly you’ll see him twitch with pleasure.

  1. Set up everything in the bedroom for him.

This is your Loverspace. And since you’re taking the lead this time, make sure he won’t even have to think about preparing the scene for you.

You do it for him. Let him take a shower or tie his wrists to the bedposts as you ready the lights, some candles, sexy music, organic lube, a pitcher of water and anything you desire to create an erotic atmosphere.

  1. Drown him in pleasure.

Take off his clothes for him. Tease his skin. Tickle him with your fingernails.

Don’t hesitate to put your hands on his penis straight away. Guys love it when you go straight for his man-cannon.

Brush your breasts in his face a little bit. Shake your butt in front of him. The works.

You can have him lie down and eat you out from under you… or from behind if you like.

Ride on top of him. Hold him down. Tell him all the things you’re going to do to him. Then do it all to him.

Drive him almost to the edge of orgasmic pleasure, then stop when he’s almost ready to explode. Hold still if you have to.

Take him near the edge and back. Again and again. Over and over. Until you’re ready to give him his release at the very end. The constant skirting near the edge of climax makes his explosive orgasm extra pleasurable for him when you finally allow him to come.

  1. Service him fully.

You can even try giving him a prostate massage or use a men’s vibrator if he’s open to that kind of otherworldly experience.

At the very end of your sex date, when he’s spent and drowned in pleasure, go and make him a delicious, filling sandwich.

Your man will LOVE to be fed after some intense lovemaking, and this makes it the cherry on top. You’ve just worn him out completely, and you give him a little meal to help him recover. Poor little thing, hehe.

Then spend the next few minutes sharing favorite frames and experiences about the sex date in order to ground yourselves back down.

Being dominant in bed doesn’t mean you have to go over-the-top with the kinky dominatrix antics… unless that’s what you want.

The wonderful experience here is for your man to completely surrender to the pleasure you’re giving him…

And for you to take control of your sex life.

Are you excited for your first time dominating your man in bed?

Give me back if you have any good tricks to share!

2 Responses

  1. My wife told me she wants to be a dominimatrix
    I thought she wanted to punish me because she chides me saying I’m mean to her.

    Relationship is falling apart.
    I’m not mean ,just quick with comeback to her hurtful talk.

    Reading this sounds maybe what she really wants.

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