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Understanding Consentual Sex

When this pandemic is over, there will be orgies in the streets!

You’ll be hearing more about “consent” as you seek fresh lovers too.

I will explain modern-day consent a bit so you’ll have at least basic knowledge.

Because it’s something EVERYONE who is actively sexual should know.

Consent is making sure the person you’re having sex with really wants to.


When you have consent between lovers, and if at any time they don’t like something, they let you know straight up.

Each lover upholds each other’s requests.

Requests include things you won’t do during sex and conditions that need to be met (such as protection from pregnancy and sexually-transmitted infections).

Before you have sex with anyone or even touch them, ask for their consent.

“Is it ok if I touch you?”

And when you decide to have sex with someone, and that includes oral sex, fingering… anything that involves your arousal, your penis or vulva, your morals, and values, you can have the “consent talk.”


“I’m a believer in consensual sex. You’ve probably heard about “consent.” It’s about asking other people how they want to be touched by you. And with your permission, I’d like to tell you how we can communicate during sex, so we are both safe and sexy. Are you open to hearing my needs, boundaries, and requests?”

You can print this out on a slip of paper and put it in your wallet.

When you get to “the talk,” you can just say you saved this because it was what you wanted to capture in your integrity around your sex life and how you interact with others intimately.

You get the idea.

Just use your own words.

And make sure you have a consent discussion.

Before sex, it’s good to discuss your sexual history and STI protection agreements.

Click Here To Watch This Video ⇐ How To Have The Safe Sex Talk 

How To Have The Safe Sex Talk YouTube


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So watch the Safe Sex Talk so you can know how to talk to your partner about sex.

Then also include the #Consent conversation.

Knowing each other’s boundaries makes sex even more surrendered and abandoned because you don’t have to wonder what’s okay and what’s not. And when you enjoy everything on the table, it’s a sensual buffet.

Shout out to Erin Tillman, Author of The Consent Guidebook: A Practical Approach To Consensual, Respectful, and Enthusiastic Interactions.

“The Consent Guidebook is a must-read for sexual educators. Erin’s stories show us how the basic consent structure holds up well across a wide range of sexual scenarios. #Consent is the foundation of today’s modern sex life.” – Susan Bratton, “Trusted Hot Sex Advisor To Millions.”

If you’re in a long-term relationship, why not share your current boundaries and desires with your partner?

As we mature sexually, our desires evolve if we allow them.

Revisiting agreements and desires is fascinating.

Click Here To Watch This Video ⇐ How To Have The Safe Sex Talk 

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