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How To Fix An Attention-Deficit Marriage

Where is that spouse who used to love you and want you like crazy?

Is she a workaholic? Is he holed up in his man cave?

Are you experiencing “attention-deficit marriage?”

We’re so much more busy today than ever that we come home tired and stressed and forget to put attention on our partner in the way they want it most from us.

Many partners, unable to deal with their frustrations at work or at home, retreat from their relationship.

If you’ve been feeling ignored, lonely, neglected or unappreciated, I have a solution that will work wonders for your relationship.

I call it the  “The LUV Formula.” L. U. V.

Today I’ll show you three steps to get your partner’s attention and affection back.

But first, you might want to know why you may be going through these relationship ordeals.

According to research by Arizona State University, the longer you’re married, the more chance you have of becoming dissatisfied.

Their study involved “subjective well-being” —meaning how positive the spouse felt —and found a correlation between being married and well-being.

However, that feeling was stronger in younger married folks than older, and stronger in earlier studies than more recent ones.


Step #1: Layout A Plan To Re-Engage

Explicitly commit to re-engagement. Break the cycle of emotional disconnection. Put an intentional focus on each other. Schedule time to connect for both physical and emotional attention to each other. Set dates on your calendar… Reminder alerts on your phone for check ins during the day… Plan a romantic vacation…

And when you’re together, focus on listening and staying present. And when you notice your attention wandering, bring yourself back and be willing to ask your partner to repeat what you missed. Attention is a muscle that takes practice and awareness.

Step #2: Use Physical Touchpoints

  • Look each other in the eyes more often.
  • At a minimum, kiss hello, goodbye, good morning, good night. And when your partner arrives or departs, get up to greet them or hug them goodbye.
  • Take turns giving daily foot, neck, or face massages to each other. A great time to massage is in the evening if you’re watching TV.
  • Cuddle each other to sleep. Hug when you arise.
  • Plan romantic outings that include moving your bodies together. A walk, a hike, a bike ride, dancing, yoga, a swim in the ocean. Moving your bodies together moves your emotions, which keeps you more connected.
  • Breathing deeply together lowers your stress and deepens your connection.
  • Hold hands whenever possible. If you’re driving the car, put a hand on your partner’s knee.

A great way to incorporate heart-connected physical contact is something I call the Soulmate Embrace. I talk about the massive benefits and how to do it properly in my NEW book.

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Step #3: Verbally Give Attention

Put emotional focus into your relationship. There are five types of verbal attention that partners appreciate most:

  1. Reassurance
  2. Respect
  3. Gratitude
  4. Appreciation
  5. Encouragement

People love to be acknowledged for their contributions and efforts. When your partner does something good, make a fuss over them. Look for opportunities to make your partner feel like a winner. Just by looking for ways to appreciate your partner, you’ll feel more satisfied and happy in your marriage.

Relationships require work for it to bloom. However, it doesn’t have to be confusing if you know what to do.

That’s why I created the Revive Her Drive program to make it much easier. No more confusion. Couples no longer have to do it in the dark or on their own.

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