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How to Get Her to Squirt: Exploring Explosive Female Orgasms

This is the sex position I use when I want to squirt all over my lover.

Hello, Sexy!

Squirting orgasms are definitely in vogue. It’s a must-have experience for the sexually adventurous with all sorts of benefits, physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

But some women find it difficult to let their waters flow. I made this video to help men and women everywhere “open the tap” on their ejaculate.

Forget the “come hither” stroke promoted as THE TECHNIQUE to make a woman squirt. I want you to forget about “making” her squirt altogether. This G-spot sex position is a turnaround move that places the power in a woman’s hands by letting gravity have its way with her. That’s right, GRAVITY. Who’s got the power now?

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how to get her to squirt


It is extraordinary for a woman and her lover when the amrita starts to flow. The experience has a sacred quality that is unlike any other sexual act. Of course, all sexual acts have a holy dimension if you invoke them. So, what about female ejaculation is so electrifying and beautiful?


For that depth of surrender to occur, a woman must be correctly primed and optimally positioned.

Ha! “Properly primed and optimally positioned.” That’s a lot of Ps for something that isn’t pee!

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You can use some of my favorites

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