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How To Get My Husband Back

How To Get My Husband Back

Where is that guy who loved you and wanted you like crazy? Do you have an emotionally unavailable husband?

Why won’t he answer any questions that involve feelings or your relationship?

Has he become a shell of a man who doesn’t even know what he wants? Or the guy who never romances you anymore? Doesn’t pay enough attention to you? Is a workaholic?

Bottom line: what do you do when he seems to want nothing more than to take up permanent residence in his man cave?

If this rings familiar, read on.

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I get a lot of emails from my female followers with this same tone.  Many men, unable to deal with their frustrations at work or at home, retreat from their relationship.

Women miss their husbands’ love and affection.

So today, I’m about to give you a course of action to get your husband back.


First I want you to think about something…

Tip #1: Loving Memories

When you knew you were loved by your husband, what was it he was doing that he’s not doing now? Make a list of things he used to do that made you feel loved that he no longer does. Hang onto that list.

Now, I want you to understand something…

Men, being testosterone-driven, are usually pretty happy when we feed them and have sex with them on a regular basis.

Whereas women, being estrogen-driven, need a lot more romance, conversation, full-body touch, and verbal appreciation.

Because men and women are wired so differently, women have to be very specific with men so they know what to do.

Tip #2: Guys want a to-do list.

It assures them of a win. If you give him a list of things he can do that make you feel loved, it will help him understand what you need.

Okay. Let’s talk about his inability to put things into words, which is actually quite normal. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. He just doesn’t understand how important conversation and verbal appreciation are for you. That’s actually quite common. Most men don’t understand that they need to woo us and keep wooing us, with words.

Tip #3: Don’t Put Him In A Trap

If it’s not your guy’s natural inclination, don’t drag him into conversations.

That will just push him further away. Better to go into “stealth mode” and figure out his relationship values—and yours. Then you can get busy building your relationship on solid ground.

Here’s how.

Start by doing what I said above: Make a list of the things he used to do that made you happy. Include what you want from him now at this stage in your relationship as well.

Then go through the exercise in my book, Relationship Magic to uncover the values that lie beneath the actions. That will help you understand YOUR top four relationship values.

How To Create Relationship Magic ⇐ Why Treating Your Partner How YOU Want To Be Treated May Be Ruining Your Relationship (What If To Do You Have An Emotionally Unavailable Husband)


Once you connect those dots, you can give him a list of behaviors, actions, and desires that he can execute on. Each time he does one, you reward him. Men need to feel like they’re winning. So make a BIG FUSS over him knocking stuff off your list.

That trains him to enjoy meeting your needs. At the same time, I want you to do three things for him:

1) Dress in a way to make you look appealing to him and feed him a home-cooked meal. Bonus points for showing some cleavage and shaking your booty a little.

2) Start being more physically affectionate. Give him a wet kiss when you greet him after work. Press yourself up against him in a hug. Sit on his lap. Put your hand on his crotch in the car. Stuff like that.

3) Have sex with him. Give him direction so he makes you feel really good. Encourage him to ejaculate inside you. His semen is a mood lifter for you. Get as much of it as you can. That alone may very well get your husband back!


Do this even if you are angry at him for being so emotionally unavailable. Take the high road. Do you want your man back? Then meet him more than halfway and drag him back with the things that guys need.

Almost all men will respond positively when you demonstrate your love in a tangible way. Feed him. Be physical with him. Teach him how to make you happy. That will reinvigorate your marriage.

Make sure you keep it up for a month, even if you are discouraged.

From time to time, let me know how it goes.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

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I’ve been on television MANY times talking about the power of this simple workbook. Give it a try. You’ll be amazed at how it will bring you back together as a couple.


  1. I am a man reading what you have to say about this.Almost all of what you said is true. In fact all of it would work with me.
    Can I make 1 suggestion please. Never use the work “train” we don’t want to be trained, we want to be honored & respected. Training does not sound like either of those.
    Thank you
    Ramona, CA

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