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Does Size Really Matter?

Want to improve your overall penile dimensions?

A lot of men have issues about the size of their penis. Shame or embarrassment on that score is fairly common. I blame it on porn and negative messages you may have gotten about sex growing up. Yet for most men, fears about size are needless worry because most women LIKE their man’s penis.

As a matter of fact, of the 20% of women who’ve stopped seeing a guy because of his equipment, HALF did because he was too big, not too small.

That being said, if you’re sensitive about your size —either length or girth or even which way your penis points: up, down, to the left or right… or any thing about the foreskin, color, et cetera… There are great things that you can do to improve your overall penile dimensions!

One of the best ways is my, “Blow and Grow” blowjob technique for increasing length and girth.

“But she doesn’t give me blowjobs,” you might say.

The reason most women don’t give a man oral sex is simple: they don’t know what to do! (And they have NO idea how orgasmic it can be to give a blow job.)

A guy may think it’s because she doesn’t like his penis or it’s too small. But there’s a 90% chance she simply lacks knowledge and experience.

Instead of worrying and hanging onto the fear, take the issue by the horns and start learning how to get your woman to WANT to give you blowjobs…  Especially because blow jobs MAKE your penis bigger! (see the Blow and Grow technique below)

Here’s a book by our very own Sloane Fox about why your woman will WANT to happily lap your lingam. Check it out:

The Blow Job Secret ⇐ How To Make Her Want To Give You Head


If you have trouble maintaining an erection, try a little Viagra just to see if that helps. Sometimes it’s a mental, not a physical issue. Start with just a quarter pill under your tongue. Dissolving it “sub-lingually” means you take less, have less headache and stuffy nose and it works faster. See if Viagra gives your erection a boost. If it does, try Neo40. It’s a Nitric Oxide booster made from beets. Nitric Oxide might be all you need to get a firm erection, and it’s a natural alternative to Viagra.

Try the ED Stamp Test to see if you have a physical or mental block to getting an erection. Grab this free book which includes the Stamp Test instructions and,3 Instant Hard-on Techniques. And don’t miss the advice on penis pumps in the book and at my new video series:

How To Grow Your Penis ⇐ Watch Now

The videos in this series include:

  • Average Penis Size FACTS
  • My “Blow and Grow” Blow Job Penis Growth Techniques Demo
  • How To Make Your Penis Bigger (Including a series coming up with Dr. Glenn Wilcox where we show you all kinds of penis pumps and how to select the right one and use it correctly.)

Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel do you don’t miss the upcoming penis growth videos — there are a dozen short videos in this penis growth series.


 If you feel like you’re too small, there are things you can do. Don’t give up on sex. Make sure you’re not feeling badly about your penis size for no reason. Try the Blow and Grow with your partner. Learn how a penis pump works with my free video series.

Those are three great places to start!

Please see links below for our recommended Penis pump videos and products:

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  1. Hi Someone needs to make a standard cock measurement just for this purpose so guys really know where they stand or hang. One should measure along the top of the erect member and this should be the measurement. Push as hard as you want with the tape measure but it will only measure from your pubic bone out, then girth all the way around that should be the standard than guys know where to measure and know where they stand/hang

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