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How To Choose A Penis Pump

Which penis pump is right for you?

Your MUST WATCH “consumer report” from the Vanna White of penis pumps.

Penis pumps can be used to gain and erection as well as to increase penile volume (girth and length).

In this video, Dr. Glenn and I discuss the different kind of penis pumps to help you choose the pump that’s best for you (or for your partner).

Success is in the details. Penis pumping is a PROVEN method for increased girth and length. A guy can get as much as an extra inch of manhood to play with by using a penis pump. Watch this video and find out all you need to know to select the perfect-sized pump.

GET A BIGGER, HARDER ERECTION ← Watch NOW (penis pump demo)

Here are just a few of the details you’ll learn in this video to ensure your success:

  • Why you might want a BIGGER TUBE.
  • Two ways to develop the vacuum seal.
  • Hand pump basics: which material to buy, plastic or metal?
  • How to get the negative pressure “just right.”
  • The benefits of an AC-powered pump.

Watch me and Dr. Glenn demonstrate the sucking action of the penis pump.

Knowing how to use a pump properly is mission-critical. Avoid the BIGGEST MISTAKE guys make!

There’s tons of bedroom fun in store when you get the right pump for you and use it correctly.

FUN WITH PENIS PUMPS ← Watch NOW (Get the lowdown before you buy)

Here are the links to the vacuum erection devices (aka penis pumps) we demonstrate and recommend.

Luoge LCD Battery Pump

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I’m devoted to your sexual health and fulfillment. That’s why I track down so many sexperts from around the world and make their knowledge available for FREE. That’s the mission of my Better Lover Youtube. Subscribe here and “Pay It Forward” by helping me reach my goal of 50k subscribers. Together, we can get the word out: anyone can have the kind of passionate sex life they desire… all it takes is good information. Like any other skill, sexual skills can be learned.

Please see links below for our recommended Penis pump videos and products:

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  1. I would like to know where I could purchase a large diameter vacuum pump.( scrotum penis pump )

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