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The “P Shot” Demo (VIDEO)

Rich man’s “dick lift.”

If you’re a woman, here’s a link to my video series about the O Shot, or Orgasm Shot. It’s similar to the P Shot, but enhances a women’s G-Spot and Clitoral pleasure and orgasmic intensity.

What can YOU do if you want to keep your penis in tip top shape on a budget?

Rich guys are getting a shot in their penis.

Yes. A needle in their dick.

It is considered “regenerative medicine.”

Anti-aging for your penis.


My friend Dave Asprey, the famous guy who started the Bulletproof trend said, “If I’m going to live to be 180, I don’t want a 180-year old penis.”

So what are the monied men doing to reverse the clock on their manhood, and even cure erectile dysfunction?

“The P Shot.”

Short for, “Priapus shot.” (Priapus means having a really long-lasting long boner.)

And in this video my favorite “dick Doc”, Dr. Amy B. Killen demonstrates how and where she injects your own human growth factors from your own blood back into your penis.

Discover how this regenerative medicine practice increases erectile function and sensation. Learn how you can get your own growth factors from your own blood to restore penile power.


Hey, not everybody has cash to throw around on P Shots. I get that.

What can YOU do if you want to keep your penis in tip top shape on a budget?

Watch my Erectile Function series with Dr. Amy to learn the 5 causes of ED and the 8 solutions. You’ll get great ideas for keeping your penis youthful, vital and strong.

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  1. Hey Mam, Actually I am from India and my english is little bit weak so sorry to this but will try to understand myself as good as I can…

    I followed you since last 5 years and watch ur videos and read article as well…

    I don’t know how much people has got benifit through ur initiative but this is right that there is huge difference western culture and Indian culture…

    Further, please send your any social sites whereby we can understand each other..

    Eagerly awaiting to ur reply…

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