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How To Ravish A Woman

how to ravish a woman

This article is for a man, yet a woman can equally benefit from these instructions on confidently ravishing a woman in the bedroom. She can check out my Dominate Him video here. That way, you can guide your man to do some things for you. Men need encouragement to ravish you the first few times. They don’t want to go over the line, so pick what you like and tell him.

I often get emails that are about not having much experience in bed. Something like this:

“I have a minimal sexual experience. What should I do the first time in bed with a woman?”

Here is some advice if you haven’t yet had much sexual experience.

Take a deep breath. Sexuality comes naturally, so everything will be OK if you take the pressure off yourself and have fun. Women are very different in what they like sexually, so there’s no way you can know what to do.

Moreover, every woman is different daily – we are hormonally cyclical creatures. So one day, we might like a boisterous, passionate romp, and the next time we might want to be held and touched very lovingly.

The best lovers simply ask, “During our time together, I want you to be comfortable telling me what you are in the mood for and your boundaries that I need to be careful of.”

That puts you on a level playing field where you’re figuring things out together and removes performance anxiety.

There are three things women are looking for from a man they will have sex with.

Here is an excellent video I made that steps you through an entire lovemaking date.

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The first is good grooming. Ensure you’re showered, well-shaved, manscaped, and your nails (fingers and toes) and teeth are as clean as possible. Husbands get especially lazy about this, affecting your sex life more than you know.

Secondly, women want a guy’s presence. She doesn’t want you to be in your head strategizing about what you will do with her. She wants to connect in the present moment emotionally. The minute you take your attention from her and think ahead, you’ve lost the connection. Stay tuned to her in each moment, and sex will feel more effortless and intimate.

Third, she needs to be warmed up like you build a fire. Where you’re like a light switch, ready to go, she needs kindling started and wood added to her fire over time, which means start with a full body massage. Touch her with long, sweet strokes that feel as good to your hands as they do to her body. Again, stay present. Don’t rub her. Feel her and awaken her body with your touch and kisses. Don’t touch her breasts or genitals at first. Wait until you feel her body responding to you. You want to kiss her lightly at first and then more intensely over time.

For the rest of the game plan, check out the video.

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