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How To Confidently Ravish A Woman In The Bedroom

How To Confidently Ravish A Woman In The Bedroom

 What should I do the first time I’m with a woman?

This is written to a man, yet a women can get equally as much benefit from reading these instructions on how to confidently ravish a woman in the bedroom. That way you can guide your man to do some of these things to you. Men need encouragement to really ravish you the first few times. They don’t want to go over the line… so pick what you like and tell him.

“I have very little sexual experience. What should I do the first time I am in bed with a woman?”

Here is some advice if you haven’t yet had much sexual experience. Start by watching my video on YouTube called, How To Lose Your Virginity that’s gotten over 50,000 views. Since my expertise is “passionate lovemaking” techniques, I know a thing or two about phenomenal sex.


“I have very little sexual experience. What should I do the first time I am in bed with a woman?”

First of all, take a deep breath. Sexuality comes naturally, so everything is going to be OK if you just decide to take the pressure of yourself and have fun. All women are very different in what they like sexually, so there’s no way you can possibly know what to do. Moreover, every woman is different every day — we are hormonally cyclical creatures. So one day we might like a very boisterous, passionate romp and the next we time we might want to be held and touched very lovingly.

The best lovers simply ask, “During our time together, I want you to be comfortable telling me anything you feel in the mood for and anything that is a boundary for you that I need to be careful of.” That puts you two on a level playing field where you’re figuring things out together. This removes performance anxiety for both of you.

If you’re single, this is also where it’s time to have the safe sex talk. The #1 way to make sure a woman is going to feel comfortable having sex with you is to discuss contraception and STI protection before having sex. Not only does this NOT ruin the mood, it makes you seem like a caring, mature, responsible man. This consideration allows her to open up to her pleasure with you because she knows what your agreements are about contraception and condom use.

There are three things women are looking for from a man they’re going to have sex with. The first is good grooming. Make sure you’re showered, well-shaved, manscaped, and your nails (fingers and toes) and teeth are as clean as possible. Husbands get especially lazy about this and it affects your sex life more than you know.

Secondly, women want a guy’s presence. She doesn’t want you to be all up in your head strategizing about what you’re going to do with her. She wants to emotionally connect to her in the present moment. The minute you start taking your attention from her and start thinking ahead, you’ve lost connection. Stay tuned in to her in each moment and sex will feel more effortless and intimate.

Third, she needs to be warmed up like you build a fire. Where you’re like a light switch, ready to go… she needs kindling started, and wood added to her fire over time. Which means start with full body massage. Touch her all over with long, sweet strokes that feel as good to your hands as they do to her body. Again, stay present. Don’t rub her. Feel her. Awaken her whole body with your touch and kisses. Don’t touch her breasts or genitals at first. Wait until you feel her body really responding to you. You want to kiss her lightly at first and then more intensely over time a well.

Here is a really good video I made that steps you through an entire lovemaking date.

How To Ravish Her With Masculine Dominance In The Bedroom ⇐ Watch It.


This is important: Don’t grab her genitals right away. And don’t go right for her clitoris once you have her clothes off. YOU want her to put her hands on your penis asap, but that’s not how women prefer to be aroused. Instead, you want to work your way with your hands, mouth and tongue slowly from the outside in.

Keep a slow and steady escalation of sensation happening and watch for her cues she wants more. Wait for her to invite you to give her oral. If she doesn’t, ask her if she’d like you to go down on her. Some women are quite shy about having their genitals seen. So take your time.

If she green lights you going down on her, make sure you tell her how beautiful her Yoni looks to you. And how nice she smells and tastes, if that is true for you. Women are shy about their lady parts.

Also, don’t just lick her clitoris. Work all around her vulva, inside and out. Alternate light sideways licks rapidly across her clitoris, with circles around it. Then slide your tongue up and down her slit, again being really present and enjoying the pleasure of her vulva on your tongue and lips.

If you can also play with her breasts and lightly twirl her nipples while your face is between her legs, this will turn her on to a higher level. What you’re doing is slowly warming her fire up.  You can take breaks and kiss and hug. She might offer to go down on you. You’ll be really glad you manscaped now!

And then once she’s ready for penetration and you have an erection, slide the condom on and ask her to help guide you in. Look her in the eyes. Tell her how much you’re enjoying her and how beautiful she is. Ask her to tell you if she wants more or less speed or pressure at any time. Kiss her. Enjoy the pleasure of your bodies locked as one.

Premature ejaculation is the top concern of most guys. It’s not easy to last when you’re inside a woman. That’s why giving her as many orgasms with your hands and mouth before penetration is good insurance that if you can’t last that long the first time, she will still feel satisfied enough to have sex with you again.  Keep breathing and relax. Slow down and even take a break if you must. Stamina comes with practice. Here is a technique you can use called, The Stallion’s Secret Stay-Hard Mind Trick.

If on the other hand, you have trouble getting or keeping an erection due to performance anxiety, grab my three hard-on techniques in this free book, How To Get Hard Instantly On Command  One of them will work for you in a stressful situation. Best to be prepared by knowing what to do in advance.


When you’ve had your fill of lovemaking, don’t forget to thank her, tell her how wonderful it was to be with her and how much you appreciate her. Women need to hear those words of appreciation.

The great thing about sex is that it can just keep getting better. The older you get, the better lover you become. The more time you have to make love with a woman, the better in bed you get together.

Relax, have fun, and stay safe!



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