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How To Train Your Lovers

The “Boyfriend Training Program” also works on Husbands.

Guys think they know more than they know. It’s not their fault. It’s testosterone.

You know, they don’t ask for directions. They just think they know what they are doing.

Ask 100 guys if they are in the top 50% of all lovers and 85% will say they are in the TOP of the group.

That just doesn’t compute.

So you get this new boyfriend and he thinks he’s great, but he is not meeting your needs sexually…

Or your husband is an old dog that could use some new tricks…

Watch video #7 in this series I did for my friend

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I explain how to train your man explicitly to be a better lover.

I tell you exactly what to say so you not only don’t hurt his feelings, you get him to step up in a way that makes him feel great. (and you feel multi-orgasmic)

SUSAN’S SEXUAL TRAINING STRATEGY <== Makes Him A Better Lover Effortlessly

Here is the whole series:

1. Fix Sexless Marriage
2. Should You Have Sex With Him?
3. Sex Men Crave
4. Boyfriend Bad In Bed?
5. Should I Masturbate?
6. Kinky Sex? (Yes, please!)
7. Boyfriend Sex Training
8. 6 Sexual Soulmate Steps

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below the video. I will answer them for you.

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