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4 Sexual Personality Types: Explorer (Part 1 of 4)

Are you an, “Explorer”?

According to my mentor, Dr. Helen Fisher, anthropologist at Rutgers University and author of “The Anatomy of Love,” “Why We Love,” and “Why Him, Why Her,” our personalities are composed of two basic types of traits: traits of character developed through life experience and types of temperament, 50% of which stems from our biology.

Traits of temperament are heritable, relatively stable across your life course and linked to specific genes, hormones and/or neurotransmitter systems. She sampled 28,000 people to come up with these four personality types: Explorers, Builders, Directors and Negotiators.

Let’s delve into the first of four types, the Explorer.

“Variations in the dopamine system have been linked with novelty, experience and adventure seeking, susceptibility to boredom, impulsivity, energy and enthusiasm. People expressive of certain genes in the dopamine system tend to lack introspection; they look out not in. These men and women are also often intellectually curious, mentally flexible and creative. Helen called this style of thinking and behaving ‘curious/energetic’ and dubbed them Explorers.”

Though this article is for everyone across the gender spectrum, I’ve taken one idea — the concept of giving a woman lingerie — and given you a few ideas for each sexual personality type.

If you’re a man who thinks he’s an Explorer, I’d like you to reply to this email and tell me what kind of sexual ideas appeal to you. If you’re a woman, reply to me if you’re an Explorer and refine these ideas or give me others that would appeal to you. Tell me if you’d like your guy to do any of these for you (and definitely tell your guy you’d like to have fun like this if you would! He is probably a different Sexual Personality Type and would love to know what you’d like more.


Is your lady an adventure seeker? Does she bore easily and enjoy impulsive novelty? Is she curious, mentally flexible and creative? She’s an Explorer.

  • Try a spontaneous dare where she puts the string bikini on for you when she loses a bed-wrestling match.
  • Tell her you have a present in your pants and make her find it blindfolded with her hands tied.
  • Take her to a nude beach and have her warm her beautiful body in the sunshine while she gets ogled by passers-by. Later, take her home and ravish her.
  • Have her wear it under her clothes when you take her out for dinner. Keep sliding your hand up her skirt under the table and brushing your arm against her breasts. Then take her home and have her do a striptease for you before you give her the best sex of her life.

Remember to reply to me if you have a refinement, a new idea or a tweak. I’m interested!

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One Response

  1. Not sure what category I would fall under,but I have always been VERY creative when it comes to sex. My first experiences were so boring….with partners who were selfish, or too young to understand a woman’s sexuality.
    When I was thirty, I met the love of my life. He was sophisticated, a world traveler, and he used to talk about his prior relationships, not to be crude or mean, just sharing his life. However, it drove me nuts to hear of the woman from this country or that…So I planned a Grand Seduction. I arranged for him to be out of the house he was staying in. It was a sparsely decorated place, which made it easy for me to set the scene. In front of the living room fireplace, I set up a yoga mat and pillows, a small table set with a Chinese teapot, flowers, incense. I had Puccini’s opera, “Madame Butterfly” set on a boombox stereo. In the bathroom, I filled the tub with scented water, lit candles, which I also had across the mantle in the living room. In a skillet, I had teriyaki steak simmering. Saki heating in a hot pot. There were notes on the doorway entrance, and bedroom and bathroom, directing him to remove his clothes, get into the tub. I also had purchased pot (which he smoked) on a tray beside the tub. The final not told him to relax and enjoy his evening. His companion was there for his pleasure, but she did not speak English though she understood it. Meanwhile, I was at the other end of the house putting on makeup, a wig, and a kimono, to become his geisha. I entered the bathroom where he was, on my knees, with the saki for him to drink. I bathed him, dried him off, and led him to the living room, made him lay down on the mat and pillows, gave him a massage. Fed him his meal, Madame Butterfly filling the room with it’s lovely arias. I then took him into the bedroom, and pulled out all the stops…without speaking one word. When I finished with him, I returned to the other bathroom, removed the makeup and clothes, and dressed normally. I returned to the bedroom and acted as if nothing had happened. He never spoke of another woman again, and said I was the most uninhibited partner he had ever had. If I brought up my past, he would change the subject, irritated and jealous. Unfortunately, we only had six years together, as he died of throat cancer. My current lover has been the recipient of other scenarios, adores me, and says he has never had a lover like me, someone he feels totally free with. I have “corrupted” him, by introducing him to various creative or kinky sex play, and I find we are in sync with each other, as neither of us has ever experienced before. By the way, he is 75 years old, I am 63 years old. Proof that with the right partner, love and trust, communication, sex can be better than ever!

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