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5 Romantic Affordable Holiday Gifts for Him & Her

I based these on my 5 Pillars of Passion.
Romantic doesn’t have to be expensive.

5 Romantic Affordable Holiday Gifts for Him and Her ⇐ Watch Now

Yours truly Susan Bratton, Trusted Hot Sex Advisor to Millions ready to help you with your most important holiday gift, the one for your lover.

For over a decade I’ve been studying what makes romance, “romantic.”

In a nutshell, the Five Pillars of Passion are: Attention, Adventure, Appreciation, Sensation and Declarations

  1. Attention is being present.
  2. Adventure is activities.
  3. Appreciation is words of love.
  4. Sensation is using your five senses in a romantic way.
  5. Declarations are tokens of your love and rituals that celebrate your love.

The gifts I describe in this fun video are all based on the pillars — five each for him and her.

For most women you can’t go wrong with certain items such as lacy pajamas, sparkly jewelry or seasonal flower bouquets. And a card is very important to most women. She wants to see those words of love in a pretty card she can display as a token of your love.

I have more ideas for women but let’s start with the guys.

Men are very visual, so the lacy pajamas are a gift for him as much as for her.

Susan Holiday Gifts 2

He would like a romantic picture of the two of you — where you’re looking really gorgeous — that he can put in his work area to show you off.

A homemade gift certificate for a photoshoot of you with pictures only he will ever see will delight him for years on end. He will probably never forget it. Remember, he LOVES you. You are his lady. He’s proud of you and loves it when you look and feel beautiful.

He’d also love a romantic home-cooked meal, with a playlist of the songs you two fell in love listening to playing in the background. And you in a revealing outfit with a little apron on top. And candlelight. Guys are romantic too.

Men also carry a lot of tension in their face, neck and shoulders. So a face massage where he lays his head on your lap and you relax him with warm massage oil would be a delightful experience for him. While you’re erasing his tension, tell him things you respect and appreciate about him. He will revel in the compliments and affection.

5 Romantic Affordable Holiday Gifts for Him and Her ⇐ Watch Now

These are great ideas and truly from the heart. How about the ladies? What kind of romantic gifts are good for her?

You simply cannot go wrong with:

  • A holiday bouquet for her table or sent to her office for her desk.
  • A private stash of high-quality chocolates.
  • ANY sparkly jewelry or perfume in any price range — Encourage her to take back and exchange anything for whatever she prefers.

Guys have “purchaphobia.” They are afraid of making a bad decision. So instead of getting you something “wrong,” they avoid it. If you have an agreement that it’s the thought that counts, then just receiving a sparkly gift is very romantic.

Taking her shopping and buying her an outfit is really fun for women. They get your attention and appreciation. Pay for it. Carry her bags. Get her doors for her. Then treat her to a meal out afterward. She will LOVE that you took her and treated her.

  • A full body massage… Women need a lot of full body touch.
  • A candlelit bath… Women look best in candlelight.
  • A box with 20 different reasons you love her all written on separate pieces of paper… She loves words of appreciation.

Presents don’t need to be expensive. And the more personalized they are the more meaningful they become.

Romantic Affordable Holiday Gifts 1

5 Romantic Affordable Holiday Gifts for Him and Her ⇐ Watch Now

Romance ideas:

Lacy Pajamas Cupless Lingerie 
Affordable Heart Necklace 
Holiday Bouquet (Evergreen) 
Romantic Christmas Card 
You and Me Picture Frame 
Point and Shoot Digital Camera 
Avocado Massage Oil 
Godiva Chocolate 
Bath Bomb and Candle Set 
What I Love About You And Me 

5 Romantic Affordable Holiday Gifts for Him and Her ⇐ Watch Now

If there are any gifts you’ve given that would help others this season, please share them in the comments below the video.

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If there are any gifts you’ve given that would help others this season, please share them in the comments below the video.

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