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Susan Bratton Dressed Up In A Sexy Nurse Outfit

Yes, I will dress up in a naughty nurse outfit for you. Hehe.

I have a quickie favor to ask.

One of my goals for the year is to get 10,000 subscribers for my YouTube channel by the end of November.

So pretty please, if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do so right now.

Just click this RED HOT SUBSCRIBE button below.

I send out one new video every Friday all about how you can become a better lover.

I was just in the studio making a new series called Sexy Nurse all about getting your hormones tested, STD, safe sex talks, and how to make love to a man vs how to make love to a woman.

I dressed up in a sexy nurses outfit. You can see my editor, Lloyd and there’s me getting ready for the hormone test kit demo.

Your subscription tells YouTube that my videos are valued. And when I hit 10,000 subscribers I get access to the YouTube studios.

So thank you for subscribing.

Some of my most popular videos on YouTube are about:

  • Orgasms from Intercourse
  • Losing Your Virginity
  • Vaginal Tightening
  • Couples Sexual Energy
  • Rekindling Unbridled Romance And Intimate Lovemaking
  • The 5 Pillars Of Passion
  • How To Ravish Her

And many more!

I’m so close to achieving my goal for the year that I can taste it.

But it might not happen without your help. Do me a favor?

Just click the RED HOT SUBSCRIBE button below.

Thank you for your unwavering, unshakeable support!

When you subscribe, YouTube will notify you infrequently. It’s really not a big thing. It’s an easy ask and an easy give. So thank you.

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  1. It’s been 7 years going on 8 years since I have been laid. I had a divorce in 2010 and just haven’t been able to find a good clean woman I trust enough to let my sexual knowledge on I have tried a couple times but were shot down. Need help asap before my balls explode

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