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The Risks Of Hormone Therapy

This inexpensive, easy-to-get, over-the-counter, hormone may be the missing piece to bring back your libido.

Hormone Therapy: Risks vs. Advantages ⇐ Watch Now

DHEA is an interesting hormone. It’s actually the precursor to your ability to make your own estrogen & testosterone.

And DHEA can be more important to female sexual response than testosterone.

Find out about this inexpensive, easy-to-get, over-the-counter, hormone that may be the missing piece to bring back your libido.

But in this new video I did with Dr. Glenn Wilcox, he says you shouldn’t just start taking DHEA. You need to get your hormone levels tested. And he explains the exact tests he recommends so you can guide your doctor.

Hormone Replacement Therapy can help you live a happier, longer life and extend your sexuality as well as increase your cognitive functioning.

If you think you might be low on Testosterone as a guy or your Estrogen is dipping as a woman, I highly encourage you to watch this video series.

Dr. Glenn Wilcox and I discuss:

  • Using DHEA to support sex hormone production. (:41)
  • Where DHEA comes from and what it does in your body. (:57)
  • Impact of low DHEA levels. (1:15)
  • The best way to test your DHEA level. (1:50)
  • What you need to know about DHEA doses. (2:03)
  • Normal range of DHEA for women. (2:17)
  • The consequences of too much DHEA. (2:23)
  • How to titrate for the correct level. (2:50)
  • Importance of DHEA for postmenopausal women. (3:00)
  • DHEA and female sexual response. (3:33)

The Pros and Cons of Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT ⇐ Watch Now And Subscribe

Here’s our sixth video on the Truth About Hormone Replacement Therapy and cancer risk.

In this video, we reveal the bad rap received by Hormone Replacement Therapy and what you can do to avoid risk.

Learn about :

  • Recent developments in HRT. (:42)
  • The alternative to alien hormones that are not natural to human beings. (1:22)
  • The difference between prescription progestin and natural progesterone. (1:54)
  • Where the premarin estrogen many doctors prescribe really comes from. (2:00)
  • Side effects of traditional HRT. (2:21)
  • Impact of the Women’s Health Initiative on HRT treatment. (2:33)
  • The bio-identical hormone solution to the safety issue. (2:58)
  • What specific cancers are sensitive to bio-identical hormones. (3:31)

Hormone Therapy: Risks vs. Advantages ⇐ Watch Now


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You must be your own health advocate. Doctors are NOT taught enough about HRT. Nor are they up to speed on this rapidly developing area of anti-aging and longevity.

You have to educate yourself, ask your doctor for the specific tests Dr. Glenn recommends, and then work together to give them feedback about how you feel once you’re taking hormones.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a trial and error process. You’ll know when it’s working.

Keeping yourself younger, vital, fit, lean, and sharp plus supporting your libido is your own responsibility.

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