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How To Make Love To A Woman Vs. A Man

Whet your sexual appetite.

How Men Like To Have Sex Vs. How Women Like To Have Sex  ⇐ New Video

How To Make Love To A Man Versus How To Make Love To A Woman ⇐ New Video

Sexual appetite. It’s part of our essential nature.
Both sexes have an innate hunger for physical and emotional union. We just come to it differently.

Knowing and understanding the differences is one of the most immediate ways to become a BETTER LOVER. And that’s what you’ll discover in the first two videos in the new YouTube series I recorded just for you.

Whether we’re talking kissing, hugging, foreplay, genital touch, oral sex, intercourse, orgasm, or afterglow, men and women have unique wants and needs.

Susan Bratton In A Gold Room

Some of these needs have a biological and hormonal basis. Some have their roots in the way we experience our emotions. And some relate to sexual history, personal preferences and inclinations. ALL have a profound impact on how powerfully we get turned on during a lovemaking session.

In these videos I explore these distinctions in broad strokes for each gender. It’s important to remember that every individual will also be unique. PLUS—and this is especially true of women—our wants and needs may change from day to day due to our hormonal cycles.

Here’s what you’ll discover in the first video:

How Men Like To Have Sex Vs. How Women Like To Have Sex  ⇐ New Video

In this video, we’ll explore the powerful, driving force Testosterone is on a man’s sexual hunger and the equally powerful impact of Estrogen on a woman. These hormonal differences have everything to do with what we want from our partner in the bedroom.

Here are just a few of the topics illuminated in this short video:

  • Why a man should restrain his urge to grab her crotch until she’s ready.
  • How to avoid making your lover recoil from you in the bedroom.
  • What a woman needs to relax and let go so her arousal can build.
  • The powerful effect you can have on a man by giving his penis immediate attention.
  • The secret to turning her changeability into a HUGE benefit rather than a problem.
  • How to use verbal appreciation to turn a man into a sexual rockstar.
  • A woman’s MUST-HAVE to achieve an orgasm.
  • Why he gets cold and aloof and how to bring him around.
  • The one communication skill you need to make your passion HOT.

I’m also going to talk about surprising insights from Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson, author of Sexy Brain™, the book that inspired this video series.

Lindsay is a hormone scholar who blew my mind (and my husband’s heart) wide open when she revealed nature’s mandate when it comes to ejaculating inside a woman.
(Hint: it’s not about procreation!)


NOW… building on what you learned in the first video, we’re going to take the discussion further and explore:

Suz Bratton


How Men Like To Have Sex Vs. How Women Like To Have Sex ⇐ New Video

Now it’s time to get down to it, so let’s talk specifics.

These are essentially your to-do lists.

If you’re a woman making love to a man:

  • What to wear for the occasion.
  • What to say to get his full attention.
  • The best way to touch and kiss him right from the start.
  • How to speak to him to maximize his turn on.
  • What he needs from you visually and kinesthetically.
  • The benefit you get when you remember he can’t read your mind.
  • What he needs from you the most to open his heart.
  • What to do after he comes.

If you’re a man making love to a woman:

  • Getting her emotional state ripe and ready.
  • How to find out what she needs to feel in the moment.
  • What to do to make her feel safe, loved, and sure that you’re there for her.
  • The best way to prime her pump so your sexual advances never get rejected again.
  • How to approach a woman’s body.
  • Where to touch her first.
  • How to speak to her to maximize her turn on.
  • The most common fatal-mistake a man can make.
  • What to do to make sure you get around to deep-tongue kissing.
  • When and how to introduce her to the Big Guy.
  • The secret to getting her to surrender.


I am going to give the guys my #1 piece of advice for men who want to be her best lover ever: Why and how to give her “Small Offers” that will fully satisfy her sexual hunger AND give her an appetite for more.

I know you’re going to LOVE watching these videos as much as I loved making them.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and be sure to ask questions or make comments below the videos.

How Men Like To Have Sex Vs. How Women Like To Have Sex  ⇐ New Video

How To Make Love To A Man Versus How To Make Love To A Woman ⇐ New Video

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