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Stamina Sex Positions 4 of 4: Super 8

Stamina Sex Positions 4 of 4: Super 8

You’ve got scratch and bite marks all over your body after last night’s soiree. You don’t remember what REALLY happened, but it was as if she was a whole different person. You wonder what’s going to happen tonight.

The “ME Breath” 56% OFF Evolution SALE Ending On The 2nd of October.


Did you see my second video on the 2 NEW Stamina Sex Positions, “Nirvana” and “Super 8?”

If you want to last significantly longer in bed without having to resort to artificial, and even dangerous means, you’ll want to try these out tonight.

Watch How To Do The “Super 8” Stamina Sex Position Here ⇐ Use With The ME Breath For Phenomenal Sex


By now you should have a total of 4 Stamina Sex Positions in your toolbelt.

Try out these Stamina Sex Positions when you make love to your woman (any woman) to give her the all-nighter sex she’s been fantasizing about .

What’s even better is that you can use these Stamina Sex Positions in conjunction with the ME Breath so you not only have more stamina, you’ll also have the ability to induce her full-body orgasms, and have multiple orgasms yourself!

The squeeze/breathe/thrust of the ME Breath lets you relax your pelvis to keep from coming before she wants you to.

You can control the timing of your thrusts to slow down your urge to ejaculate.

The THRUST of the ME Breath feels incredible for both of you.

And because you can modulate your arousal just by breathing and thrusting with the ME Breath, you can focus your attention on loving your woman.

When you’re not holding back, wonderful things can happen during sex.

You can be fully present with your woman.

This is what she wants!

You can feel good and enjoy sex without worrying about coming too fast.

“Super 8 Sex Position Here ⇐ Have Everlasting Stamina, The Power To Trigger Her Orgasms, And Have Multiple Orgasms Yourself (56% OFF Evolution SALE Ends October 2nd)


More men whose sex lives have been revolutionized with the ME Breath:

“I don’t even have to stimulate her clitoris for her to come. Just being inside her gets her off with this thrust.”  —Liam

“When your manhood is alive with sensation AND you have stamina, she really gets to feel your pleasure. And that pleasure goes right into her vaginal walls!” —Joseph

“I used to think there was some magic sex position that might GUARANTEE I could give my girlfriend vaginal orgasms. Now I get her off in every kind of position we can think of and she’s a little spinner.” —Eric

“We both had a lot of blocks — mental, emotional and physical — and you helped us remove them and experience so much more sexual pleasure together. I pretty easily had my first vaginal orgasm and now we know it’s possible. ” —Finn

“Super 8” Stamina Sex Position ⇐ Have Everlasting Stamina, The Power To Trigger Her Orgasms, And Have Multiple Orgasms Yourself (56% OFF Evolution SALE Ends October 2nd)

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