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Warning: Parasites From Sexual Contact

Pubic lice are not the only parasites that are sexually transmitted.

In today’s global travel environment where people are having sex with others from around the world

And where people are experimenting with more anal play than ever…

More unusual sexually-transmitted infections are being uncovered.

And even if you’re not a world-traveling anal sex aficionado, read this and spread the word, not the infection. Because the risk is very real, even for those who’ve never left the U.S. or Canada.

I had my friend, Dr. Glenn Wilcox, a parasite and bacterial infectious disease expert write this article for you:

“Can I Get Parasites From Sexual Contact?”

Yes, is the simple answer! Intestinal parasites, and disease-causing intestinal bacteria are far more common in the U.S. than most medical professionals are aware.

These unwanted guests —and especially their eggs and cysts —are present in fecal material. However, if you are careful with hygiene, the risk of infection is dramatically reduced. Here’s the bottom line.


From The Desk Of Dr. Glenn Wilcox:

As with other sexually transmitted diseases, if a person has an intestinal parasite or unhealthy bacterial infection, they often have symptoms… but they may not.

Therefore, do not rely on symptoms to guide your action. I have specialized in treating parasites since 1980 and my recommendation is to assume your partner has something you don’t want, and to develop good hygiene habits to prevent getting what they have.

Since these infections can be transmitted from contact with even a small amount of fecal material, washing with soap and water prior to sexual activity is essential. Wash your hands and the area around your genitals and anus.

You may then touch and kiss and suck with significantly reduced risk. I want to stress that you cannot get these infections by kissing unless your partner’s mouth has recently come in contact with fecal material that contains the parasite or their eggs or cysts, or an unhealthy bacteria or virus.

However, many sexual partners are interested in, or are currently exploring, the pleasures of anal stimulation through touching and kissing, as well as anal penetration with fingers, vibrators, strap-ons and penises.

And, men are slowly, very slowly, becoming aware that prostate massage, either as part of a sexual interaction or as a separate therapeutic activity, can be very beneficial for helping to prevent the increasing number of male prostate problems.

The risk of sharing an infection increases when engaging in these practices relating to anal stimulation. The reality is that anal kissing, licking and tongue penetration are the most risky activities because transmission is direct. But with awareness (and discipline) you can intervene in the path of transmission by washing your hands, genitals and tools before continuing on with other sexual activities that could transfer fecal material to your mouth. The bottom line: be knowledgeable and be impeccable with your hygiene before and during sex.

Now, if you want to be more free and uninhibited in your anal sexual activities, the only way to do so in a fully informed and safe way is to get a dependable stool test for parasites and unhealthy bacteria.

Then you can treat any infections with an appropriate protocol if something is found. After the protocol, you repeat the stool test to insure the success of the protocol.

Successfully accomplishing this in the conventional medical system and also the alternative healthcare system is no easy task. But wait there’s more! Once you get rid of your “visitors” if you have them, it’s essential to develop failsafe habits to prevent getting infected again.

This involves water, food, pets and… door knobs! I’ve written a bit about prevention in

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One area I specialize in is providing my patients and those of other doctors with world-class stool analysis to diagnose intestinal parasites and other unfriendly visitors using very sophisticated microscopy at a World Health Organization funded lab in Africa.

I also provide safe and highly effective non-drug treatment and prevention options.

If you are interested, call my clinic, Wise Medicine, at 505-771-4998. You can schedule a consultation with me or simply order a specimen kit and we can consult once we know what visitors you have, if any. I’ve helped many people with health issues no one else had been able to solve. I love doing that!

Dr. Glenn Wilcox


Thank you Dr. Wilcox. This has been extremely valuable for anyone who fits this profile of having sex involving any kind of anal pleasuring. Even if YOU don’t have anal play in your sex life, your partner could have in the past. And they could have gotten a parasite from a past lover, even if they’ve never traveled globally.




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