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3 Kinds Of Sexual Energy

So what are the three kinds of sex?

#1 Role-Play
#2 Parallel Friction
And #3 Oneness

#1 Role-Play

In role play sex, people often ruin their chances of feeling more sexual energy by acting out what they see depicted on porn. Instead I suggest you allow your own natural desires to spontaneously arise.

It’s a complaint I hear from a lot of women: guys treat them like porn stars. A woman doesn’t want that! It’s a total turn-off. A woman wants to be romanced; she wants you to take her into outer space. She’s all about passionate lovemaking that allows her the luxury of totally surrendering to you.

The problem also shows up for men. They often tell me that women act like porn stars! “Why can’t she just connect with me? I want deep kisses… I miss her warmth and affection.”

There are times when role-play is great. Like when you’re already really good lovers. You can role-play superhero sex, sex with a stranger, the naughty schoolgirl. The astronaut. So fun!

BUT. It’s best not to start out with role-play, better to hold off and get good at soulful, energy sex, develop trust and deepen intimacy.

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#2 Parallel Friction

The second kind of sex is friction sex. Two people rubbing their genitals together getting off on each other. That’s the slot-A-into-tab-B basic sex. Sure, it starts the fire, but it lacks that beautiful sexual energy that makes for the most exquisite love making which leads us to….

#3 Oneness

The third kind of lovemaking is that orgasmic, sexual connection you have with each other in real time. That interplay of lovers, where you are connecting with each other and also connecting with spirit, God, Source, and all living things. Your love transcends the physical and the two of you make cosmic love with the entire universe.


This is the rapture of sex; it’s losing yourself so completely that your ego dissolves. At that point, you’re not doing anything TO each other, you’re simply playing off your mutual pleasure. That’s the moment the two of you merge into one…Where you can’t tell where your orgasms start and your lovers orgasms end.

Have you had the kind of sex where two become one? Have you been to outer space? Have you achieved transcendence? Post a comment below my video on YouTube about what it’s been like for you. Your stories can help others experience more pleasure and connection, too.

And be sure to watch my next video and discover specifically how to play with sexual energy.

3 Kinds of Sex <== Watch My New Video

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