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How To Touch A Woman’s Breasts

One of my dearest girlfriends told me the other day: “I love my breasts. They are my favorite part of my body. When I get out of bed in the morning, the first thing I do is squeeze the girls.”

Would that every woman could take that much pleasure in her body. And would that every man could take that much pleasure in a woman’s body.

I want to make an important distinction about touching a woman’s breasts… no matter if you’re a woman or a man this is an IMPORTANT sexual foundation.

It has to do with what a lover can do that will allow their woman to experience more pleasure from touch. (How cool is that?)


I’ve never met a woman who couldn’t feel the difference between a a lover touching her body to get her turned on, and actually exploring her body while touching her, and enjoying the pure pleasure of touching her.

It’s a subtle distinction, but it makes a world of difference for both giver and receiver. I guarantee any woman can feel the difference between touch that is goal-directed (I’ll squeeze her breasts because I know it turns her on) and touch that is purely self-indulgent (I absolutely love the feel of her breasts and just have to squeeze them).

Of course, in the real world, the two aren’t really separate: she’s being touched, which gives her pleasure and, at the same time, her lover is receiving pleasure at the feel of her warm, soft breast in their hand.

Her lover:

  • Enjoys the texture of her skin…
  • Revels in the fact that she’ll let him or her explore her body
  • Gets aroused by her goddess nature…

And that’s a total turn-on for her (and her lover)…

What we’re talking about is the difference between touching for effect and touching for rapture.  ⇐ Memorize THIS! (Important distinction!!!!!!)

Take a man/woman sexual experience for example: When a man touches a woman for his own pleasure, the woman feels his pleasure as well as her own, which amplifies her pleasure, which amps up his… and so it goes, higher and higher until the two of you melt into bliss.

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touching for rapture


For a woman, it’s the total opposite of being with a guy who has all the right moves, who has the playbook down. That guy is well practiced. He knows his way around a woman’s body. But he’s a mechanic. His every move is premeditated, designed to get a response from her.

Sex like that is one-dimensional for a woman. She doesn’t feel him feeling her. He’s just plain not present, which denies her the very thing she wants most: a deep connection with her lover.

What a woman wants is to feel his desire for her, to feel her man get turned on by the feel of her, to build their arousal together on the foundation of mutual pleasure. That’s the magic.

And it couldn’t be simpler for a guy. All it takes is shifting out of “doing her” mode and getting into “enjoying her” mode.

If you’re going to learn how to give or receive an Expanded Orgasm experience, Touching for Rapture is a pivotal piece of the knowledge.

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  1. Absolutely agree
    Slowly toyching each other and sensually exploring each other will DEFINITELY lead to mind blowing orgasms.
    Personally I love mybreasts being touched especially from behind anx squeezing my nipples OMG!!

    Where are you right now!!

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