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The Dastardly 4D’s

Are The 4 D’s Running or Ruining Your Life?

Women especially get caught in the 4D’s of societal conditioning…

“Sensual pleasure turns a woman on to her connection to her life force, her connection to her power. Orgasm teaches her to embody her true nature. It turns her on to feeling deeply, rather than scratching the surface of her connection to life. She turns on her divinity, the parts of her that are greater than her, the part of her that knows, that creates.

Once she finds that divine connection, it allows her to move deeply from her own truth because she knows how to trust herself. Orgasm turns her on to her ability to know herself, her highest power and her deepest truth — and to stand for it.” — Regena Thomashauer

In Regena Thomashauer’s new book, Pussy: A Reclamation, Mama Gena as she’s known to the attendees of her School of Womanly Arts delivers the single best treatise for the benefits of a woman living her most sexually-vital life.

She describes the cycle of living into one’s sexuality, truly embracing and treasuring a woman’s feminine power. She calls this cycle rupture and radiance. The rupture is about having to go through difficult times to truly savor the radiance of the good times.

She says, too often women stay in a down cycle their whole lives — instead of embracing or reclaiming the “power of the pussy.”

“A woman who owns her pussy owns her life. And when you own your own life, you can take risks. You can have fun. You can be creative. So unlike women in our world today. It’s heartbreaking to feel how little room for play there seems to be. We judge ourselves and criticize ourselves and find ourselves wrong for just being women.” — Regena Thomashauer

She goes on to say that women especially get caught in the 4D’s of societal conditioning:

  • Disenfranchisement (I still don’t get it or fit in; I’m an outcast.)
  • Disapproval (I disapprove of myself, everyone and everything.)
  • Devastation (I have suffered devastating loss and can’t get over it.)
  • Depression (I am so despondent and dejected I just can’t engage.)

If you are that woman stuck in one (or more!) of the four D’s… If you’re in a relationship with that woman, bring it to her attention. The Four D’s are a mindset… a negative one. The more we encourage all women around us to live into their power more fully, the faster we will evolve our species for the positive.

Many women berate themselves in front of each other. Some women are catching those who do and asking them to STOP. It comes from an insidious culture where some people believe it’s good to self-denigrate.

But it’s a mind-fvck… If you stop beating yourself up, it’s like you’re admitting who you are is the best you can be… instead of showing you hope to get better.

What is wrong with being in self-acceptance for where ever you are right now?

When we move toward honoring our accomplishments and appreciating our existence, we can still strive to get better too.

So when you hear yourself, or other women’s self-criticism, call yourself or them out on it. Break the cycle of self-deprecation. Shine, sister. Shine! And help your sisters shine too.

If you want to harness the power of YOUR pussy, here’s a link to Regena’s book. It’s a fast and inspiring read.

Regina Thomashauer


Here are 10 ways to overcome self-criticism and body shame.

One last link to grab Gena’s book. Pussy: A Reclamation ⇐ On Amazon in Kindle, Paperback

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