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NEW! Sexual Energy Video

I have a brand new video series called, The Future Of Sex.

I got dressed up in a silver space suit to tell you how to have more sexual energy.


When people hear the words “sexual energy” they tend to think libido and eroticism.

And while those are key elements of sexual energy, it’s far more all-encompassing than that. Simply put: sexual energy is your LIFE FORCE. It’s your creativity, your passion, your ZEST for life.

We are designed to procreate. It’s what we do as human animals, a biological mandate that is essential to our nature.

Our sexual energy is the engine that drives our will to live. Sexual energy drives men to build and women to make themselves beautiful. From the most basic activities like hunting and gathering to the most lofty ambitions like building a civilization in outer space… we are driven to survive. And that drive is fueled by sexual energy!

When you don’t feel creative, when you don’t have passion for something, when you’re not turned on by life, you are likely to be ill or off-kilter.

Think about it: If you were completely healthy and moving your life force, your vitality would be strong, your creativity would be flowing, your sexual energy would be circulating, and you’d over-the-moon about life!

But that energy can get damped down by repression, abuse, and shame, resulting in a lack of sexual energy. One of the best things you can do if that’s true for you is to get back in touch with your sensual self through fantasy and self-pleasuring.

Sexual energy has many names, including libido, Chi, and Prana.

Actually, practices to cultivate this vital life force have been around for thousands of years in ancient traditions.

You see it in Hindu tantric traditions and Eastern practices like Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

Sexual energy plays a role in Taoism, Western psychology as well as the holistic health and personal development movement.

Taoism (which is, by the way, humanity’s oldest philosophical tradition) identifies seven energy bodies: physical, chi, mental, emotional, psychic, karmic, essence, and the Tao.

But zoom out to space and look at sexual energy in a larger context.

We know that everything is made of energy at both the macrocosmic and microcosmic level.

Every cell in your body is an energy production facility. Tiny organelles called mitochondria and ATP molecules running through the Krebs Cycle keep us alive, breathing, moving, thinking, loving and, of course, sexing.


We can measure the body’s energy in the form of light, sound, heat, electromagnetic and gravitational fields. You are surrounded by electromagnetic fields, but you also generate your own electromagnetic bio-field around your body. This is called your aura, chi field, or simply, your subtle body.

Cyndi Dale, author of The Subtle Body says that there are hundreds, if not thousands of subtle energy fields.

She identifies the primary fields as:

  • The Auric field
  • The Morphological field
  • The T-field (thought fields)
  • The L-field (subtle electrical field)
  • The Universal Field
  • Geofields
  • And The Universal Light Field [Aura?]

Subtle Energy Fields Cindy Dale


The Universal Light Field is also known as the “zero-point field” and consists of photons that regulate every living thing.

You are a radiant being of light!

I’m going to tell you how you can harness these photons and fields and use them to power more passionate sex.

What I most want you to get out of this first video in the Future of Sex Series is this: sexual energy is more than your sex drive.

It’s your desire to live life to the moon and back… to experience all of what life has to offer… and that, in turn, fires up your libido, which gets you tapped into the Universal life force and turned on as your sexual energy expresses itself through your mind, your body and your heart.


susan bratton

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