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NEW! Lovers’ Breathing Technique

NEW! Lovers’ Breathing Technique

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In between each breath you and your lover become more and more connected, at peace, and one. You breathe in your lover’s breath… and they breathe yours out. The warmth and passion that flows from your bodies is alive and vibrant. Time fades away as each breath pulls you deeper into your lover’s presence.

Ready to breath new life into your relationship? Here is my powerful “Lover’s Breath” technique…

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You already know that breathing deeply sends oxygen (and energy) coursing through your body.

Breathing syncopates your heart rate and connects your nervous system with your lover’s.

When you focus on your breath it gets you out of your mind chatter and into your body, helping you calm down down and start FEELING more.

When you breathe more deeply, you experience more pleasure.

Now go beyond just filling your lungs with air, Yes, take even deeper breaths. But instead of just thinking about the volume of air that you’re using to fill your lungs, I want you to think about how you’re actually breathing oxygen into your entire body.

Oxygenate your whole being, especially your erogenous zones.

Now you’re ready for a lover’s mutual breathing technique.

I want you to try this with your lover tonight so you can “breathe” intimacy and warmth into your relationship.


I call this technique, “Lover’s Breath.” This is how you actually connect your nervous systems together through breathing.

In this technique, the person with the bigger set of lungs is the leader.  In the case of a man and woman as couple, the man would lead this breathing experience… Unless she’s a world champion freediver. 😉

The leader starts breathing very slowly and deliberately and the person with the smaller lung capacity follows your breathing.

What you have to remember as the leader is that your lungs are bigger and hold more air capacity than their lungs, so what you’re going to actually be doing is breathing more shallowly and a little bit faster than you might normally.

If you have the smaller lungs, you will breathe a little bit more deeply and a little bit more quickly than you normally do.

First you start just breathing together.  It’s nice to sit facing each other or lying down, looking into each other’s eyes.

Then over time as you get into a breathing rhythm, you switch it so that when you’re inhaling, your partner is exhaling.

You are breathing in your lover’s breath, and they are breathing in yours. You are holding your faces close, almost kissing, eyes gazing into each other intently and passionately…

What that interplay of breath does is allow your nervous systems to connect together in a way that makes you really intimately conjoined.

This is very erotic, very sexy and really a turn-on.


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When you’re breathing, visualize breathing air into the ends of your fingertips, to the ends of your toes, and especially deeply into your sexy parts.

Breathing into your genitals actually enables your body to bring more blood to that area.

Blood filling tissue in your body is called, “engorgement.” When you engorge your sexy parts you get more blood flow to them.

When a man’s member gets increased blood flow and it becomes erect, it become more sensitive to sensation.

It works exactly the same way for a woman. When her genitals get filled with blood, she feels more pleasure from external stimuli.

Breath is a vital part of increasing your pleasure potential. Breath is a large part of Tantric and Taoist lovemaking training.

Add a breath of fresh air to your loving with my “Lover’s Breath.”

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