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How To Satisfy A Man In Bed

How To Satisfy A Man In Bed

“My hands and tongue dance from stroke to stroke…”

“At first I thought you meant different sex positions and stuff.”

“I finally realize what you mean by, “Variety is the #1 thing lovers want.”

I received an exciting email from one of my girlfriends who asked for advice about her less than stellar love life.



The best lovemaking technique I ever learned was when you explained how I need to have a whole library of sexual stimulation moves and keep going from one to another to another as I’m making love with my hubby boytoy…

When you said, “variety is the #1 thing women want,” at first I thought you meant different sex positions and stuff like that.

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Then when I watched the Steamy Sex Ed videos I saw those 200 techniques and I started trying different ones on my man.

This drove him WILD each night.

Then I realized you meant “variety” in the strokes, the movements, the pressure, the speed — not just in the positions.

So I went back and watched the Steamy videos like a hawk. I wrote down all the sensual massage and oral pleasuring techniques and memorized them.

Then I started fine tuning my intercourse methods. Now I can articulate my vagina so well I am afraid I might give him a heart attack!

By now I have a gigantic repertoire of moves that makes my husband writhe and moan in insane pleasure. I’ve never seen him so immersed in sex like this before in my life!

It’s like every new stroke sends him into more orgasmic ecstasy.

Now my only problem is my man rushes home so early every night so we can get dinner done, tuck the kids in, and have sex.

He just can’t get enough of me.

I feel so sexy and beautiful, WANTED and CRAVED FOR.

Between the great information in your emails every week and the awesome programs like Steamy Sex Ed that you make, I am pretty much the happiest wife in the world.

So my advice to women out there is to be more dynamic in your moves. Seriously. Having that encyclopedia in my head of all the different ways to please my man… this is what men want!

I’m giving him really powerful orgasms each night. I can see how his body jerks and twists, how he moans and screams my name. And he has a LOUD voice, so I’m sure our neighbors hear him every night.

And no, I ain’t sorry! If they’re jealous, they can go get Steamy Sex Ed® themselves.

I’m having the time of my life.

I give Steamy Sex Ed® five stars.

-Nelle from Seattle


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