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How To Make A Man Fall For You

How To Make A Man Fall For You

He holds you, he starts kissing your legs, your thighs, the back of your knees, the back of your neck… Next he’s sucking your toes or whispering his sweet cravings in your ear. You tell him, “come inside me…”, but he just smiles and continues to tantalize you even more… You love how freakin’ great he is at making you melt..

A guy will choose a woman based on how passionate she is when she’s with him… But you have to strike the right chord. Not slutty. Not like a porn star. More like a PASSIONATE GODDESS.

And that’s why my best-selling program, the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection, will be going on SALE very soon! SO you can learn goddess lovemaking techniques you can teach any man you sleep with. Because they watch porn, which sucks. So you have to take it on yourself to train men in the bedroom.

They want to please you. But if you leave it up to them, sigh….

My video program is all about passionate lovemaking. The kind that goes beyond physical, genital-mashing.

You will both love it. And he will love you (and make love to you) so passionately because of what this program will give you.

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Too many women tell me their dates just, “stick it in” too fast!

And these guys are selfish, not concerned enough with YOUR pleasure.

It’s important not to seem like you are “trading on sex.”

Because if you do that… he won’t respect you.

If you give up your body just to be with him, he will treat you like his booty call… and that’s pretty much it.

So how do you navigate this landscape to be sexually irresistible but not sl*tty?

Passion, more than how you look, and more than how you wow him in bed, will attract him to you.

The best thing you can do is have a variety of lovemaking techniques, positions, and styles that you can use interchangeably one after another in a fluid motion of unending bliss.

To let him know that sex to you is important… as important as it is to him.

Yet, you’re no pushover. You know your way around your bodies. You know your way to his most pleasurable spots. And that you know how to make him explode like he’s never exploded before.

Being sexually knowledgeable, confident but not acting like an adult star strikes the perfect balance.

And that is exactly what the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection teaches couples how to do.

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Made for women and couples to watch together… Steamy Sex Ed Videos are heart-connected, conscious lovemaking techniques portrayed by couples who are handsome and pretty but NOT TOO PERFECT.

The candlelit sets are draped in silk and satin and showcase sensual massage and lovemaking techniques.

These videos are the antidote to pornography.

So the best way to both combat this stressful dating situation AND have enough knowledge and techniques to help a guy do a good job is to WATCH these lovemaking videos so you can see what truly sensual, erotic lovemaking can be like.. and then show or tell him how to please you.

You won’t see lovemaking techniques videos like this on the Internet. You won’t see these kinds of passionate demonstrations in the movies.

This is straight up 200 techniques showcased by sweet couples so you will have an incredible repertoire of moves you can use to make HIM and YOU feel incredible pleasure.

That creates a winning experience for him that will endear you to him above all other women.

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I only print 500 at a time because the inventory carrying costs are high.

And each time I put them on sale for 60% off, I sell totally and completely out… often before the sale is even over.

So if you want to be at the head of the line, in front of everybody else who can’t wait to get a taste of Steamy Sex Ed®, get on the VIP List today!

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(We will sell out! Get on the VIP List to get one day advanced notice before the crowds buy everything and you can’t get a copy. 60% Off “Flash Of Passion” SALE Ends 6/26/17 or sooner if we run out of copies. Only 500 DVD’s available for purchase at this sale price. Digital-Only option is available. Get on the VIP List.)

Because you’re one of my readers, I want you to have first dibs.

Go ahead and take one second to click and press enter to get on the VIP List now.


  1. I love your articles unfortunately I am unemployed and can’t afford to buy any of these intriguing cd’s but read up on everything you refer to in your comments

    • Anne,
      Just enjoy all of our freebies. We are happy to have you read our emails whether you buy anything or not.

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