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How To Become Each Other’s Fantasy Lovers

“I love it.” “How do I get a copy?” said the sexiest girl in my yoga class.

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I was fascinated watching the widely different reactions of three women in my yoga class.

I showed them the brand new “sizzle reel” (like a movie trailer) of my Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection.

One girl got all flustered and had to turn away and fiddle with the water cooler.

The other lady — she was a little older — did a moonwalk backward and said, “I don’t like to see other people in bed!”

The third woman—the one that always has the cutest yoga outfits on—just watched the other two and then turned to me and said,

“I love it.” “How do I get a copy?”

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“I really like how the couples look each other in the eyes and how romantic it is when they demonstrate the techniques,” said the open-minded woman.

Then the older lady chimed in, “I like the sets. The candles and silks are pretty.”

Then all three started talking about how authentic the couples were…

How much their guys would love it if they’d watch with them…

It would really add some spice to their lovemaking…


As soon as ONE woman said it was great, the others felt better admitting they were interested with the idea of watching lovemaking and passionate education videos in the privacy of their own home.

There’s a cultural peer pressure we women put on each other that tamps down our sensuality and freedom of expression in this “polite society.”

But if you want to increase your relationship’s passion and pleasure levels, watch my videos solo or with your partner to improve your sensual confidence ASAP!

What’s great is that Steamy Sex Ed® (I originally made it for husbands to give to their wives as a keep-the-marriage-hot present) gets delivered to your door in a plain unmarked envelope.

Shhh… It’s going to be our little secret.

Nobody would EVER know that there are over 200 unique passion-filled, heart-centered, soul-melding techniques that will make you the most erotic, sensual lover your partner has ever… and will ever have!

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People almost always have a Fantasy Lover in their heads. But don’t worry. They’re not planning on cheating on you. It’s just their “Perfect Lover” imagination.

So if you know how to spark hot passion, YOU will become their perfect fantasy lover.

Get excited.

Achieve levels of intimacy you never knew were possible.

Now you can can finally do all those passionate moves you’ve been dying to try.

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7 Responses

  1. A Super Father’s Day Sunday
    It had been a little over a week since A Very Memorable Saturday and though our four nights of sex this past week were good, they did not compare with last Saturday. Today started like most Sundays with my being up early to read the paper and enjoying the view of the lake. After church, while we were having lunch, I asked my wife when we could get together to enjoy ourselves. She said, she would like to do a little paper work and how about 3:00.
    At five minutes to three, I came up to the bedroom from my office in the basement to get ready for our time together. My wife was busy talking on the phone with her sister and on her way down stairs to get some clothes out of the dryer. While I was waiting for her, I disrobed and stretched out on the bed. About 10 minutes later my wife returned upstairs and went to the bathroom. After taking care of business, she entered our bed room with her pants off and laid them on the chair and then took off her blouse and bra. As usual the site of her fabulous side set 40 double D rack got my juices going. She bent over and turned on our mood music with those twin beauties hanging down in front of me and that is enough to get a man breathing hard. She laid down on the bed on her stomach facing away from me and asked me to rub her back from side to side starting at her bra strap level and slowly work my way down to her waist. After 10 minutes of that, she finally brought her left arm out from under herself and stretched it down so she could begin rubbing my cock and balls. After a while, she stretched her hand down a little further and started rubbing the shaft of my cock beneath my balls firmly. This had the desired effect of making my cock swell very big. After about 30 minutes of my rubbing her back and kneading her butt, she turned over and put her right leg over me with her body angled so she could stroke my cock with her hand. This gave me access to her breasts and genital area. As she laid there slowly pumping my cock, I began stroking her stomach and moms. After 5 minutes or so of that, I stretched my territory of stroking down to her thighs and up between her breasts, and finally the under part of her breasts. At this points she said, “you are free to stroke my breasts.” This is a major step since my wife is basically tactile defensive and many times I can’t touch her breasts when we make love. After a few minutes of moving from her thighs to various areas of her breasts, she gave her first moan of pleasure. As I played with her breasts, they began to harden under my touch and her nipples became raised and firm. After stroking her twin beauties for a while, I slowly moved to kissing and then licking them and then her nipples. She began to breath faster and deeper with a sudden catch in her breathe. The next time my hand went down toward her thighs, she grabbed my wrist and moved my hand to her pussy. As I started to stroke her there, I found her labia and clit fully engorged and highly sensitive. It was so sensitive that after only a few slow firm strokes, she requested lube. After lubing up my fingers on my right hand, I began stroking her again while playing with her right nipple licking it. After a short time she said, “suck it.” As I took her nipple and a good amount of her breast into my mouth and began sucking like a new born babe, I found her vagina to be fully dilated. I easily slipped the outside three fingers of my right hand deep inside her and began stroking her G-spot. It did not take many strokes before her G-spot was fully engorged and fully exposed in her vaginal opening. While stroking her G-spot with three of my fingers, I used my thumb to flick her clit and fore finger to sweep her U –spot. Her panting became louder and faster and she ordered me to suck her left nipple. She said “harder and longer!” That was not all she wanted since she wanted my left hand stimulating the nipple on her right breast. While I was fingering her right breast and sucking her left nipple, my stroking on her clit must have slowed down because she soon ordered, “more clit and deeper.” After a while, she wanted to be kissed and her mouth and tongue were very active and demanding. While we were kissing and I was playing with her right nipple and fingering her clit and A-spot, she rolled part way onto her right side and put her left knee on my shoulder and back so she was almost all balled up. At this point, she broke away from kissing and ordered me to suck her left nipple again. A short time after that, I heard a loud long moan, felt her back arching as almost her full weight was transferred on to my right shoulder and she squirted a small amount of nectar all over my arm. At this point, she said, “stop.” I wasn’t quite sure why she stopped me but she soon told me to grab the little pillow because she wanted to straddle me. After I placed the little narrow cushion pillow below my head and stretched out on my back, she grabbed the head board with her hands and brought her left leg over my head so she was straddling my head on her knees and her pussy was right there for my licking and sucking. I did not need verbal instructions to know what she wanted and began licking from her vaginal opening slowly up on the U spot to flick her clit. After doing this a few times, I included darting my tongue into her vaginal opening, circling her U-spot with the tip of my tongue and some sweeping motions across her clit. After a few more trips up and back, her hips began rocking back and forth and her moaning was getting so loud I was a little concerned the neighbors could hear her even though the windows were closed. With the head of her clit hard and fully exposed to my lips, I began sucking on it and flicking my tongue in my mouth on the end of her clit. This had the desired effect of sending her into an orgasm and sent her over the edge because she arched back toward her heals, let out a very loud and long moan and squirted again this time all over my chin and neck. As I tried to go on, she stopped me with her hand and swung her left leg over my head so she was no longer straddling me. As she knelt there panting and her body quacking, she said, “I want to take care of you! Move down so I can lay my head on your thigh to stabilize my head to suck and lick you!” As I laid on my left side, she placed her head on my left thigh to stabilize her head and I bent my right leg so my foot was on the bed so she could lay on her left side to lick and suck my cock and balls. While she was doing that, I thought I would use my fingers to stroke her clit and pussy to keep her primed but she stopped me and said that right now she was too sensitive. But she did let me hold her pussy, if I did not move my hand. I let her go performing her magic. She started circling the head of my cock with her tongue. Then she began licking it like an ice cream cone taking the head into her mouth and sliding her lips off to the point of my cock. After a while, she began tapping the end of my cock with her tongue and then slowly sweeping her tongue down the full length of my cock, balls, and to just short of my anus. After sending me into outer space doing that, she took my full cock into her mouth to suck and deep throat. I could hear her slurping and then moaning as she populated my cock. God it felt so good. By this time, I had begun to lightly stroke her clit with my fore finger. With very minimal movement of my finger and my cock fully in her mouth deep within her throat, she began moaning louder and rocking her hips against my hand. Just before I was about ready to fire off my fireworks, she stopped all of a sudden pulling her mouth off my cock and arched her back and let out another loud moan as she squirted a little bit on my hand. Short of breathe she asked, “Can we, can we go to the side of the bed now!” After we had both moved to the side of the bed, she was positioned on her back with her butt slightly off the edge of the bed. I moved my cock to enter her sweat spot fully and we both let out a sigh. Oh God her pussy felt so good around my cock. Starting slowly, I began to pick up the pace and depth of my penetrating strokes with my cock. Pretty quickly, she dropped her feet from my shoulders and put them against my chest and butterflied her knees out wider. After a while, her hands were playing with first her breasts and then pinching and pulling on her nipples as she first opened her mouth wide to breathe deeply and then closed her eyes to squeeze a little of her sweat nectar from her urethra. This was the first of three times she squirted as I kept humping her at various speeds until I shot my wad big time. Once I had stopped and was still inside her pussy, I was still enjoying the feeling of my cock still deep inside her, she asked me if I was done. I said, “yes, I just want to appreciate feeling my cock deep inside of you.” She said that was fine. After a couple of minutes, she wanted to clean up and then just snuggle a little bit. After we returned to bed she said, “Oh that was so good! Why can’t my skin feel like this every day and I be rested so we can experience this more often.”
    I said, I would vote for that!” After snuggling for several minutes she pulled away and said we need to get some things done today. I said, “I thought we just did.” She said, “you know what I mean. You know you made me feel like Wonder Woman. Oh, what a ride!”

    1. Wowza, RC! That’s a HOT read. I just got all turned on. Thank you so much for sharing that amazing, sexy story.
      We ALL appreciate you today.

  2. I just discovered I no more love my partner as I used to, it’s giving me great concern. I seriously want the feeling back. Deep inside I still love her. Where did the passion go??

  3. Hello. I’m wondering what your thoughts are regarding the lady having to initiate. My partner works for himself and I am a full time Mum and work a full time job amongst keeping house and all the other millions of little details. Of course I am.tired and not feeling great come the evenings. My partner has said to me that he wants and needs me to throw myself at him. I’m so exhausted and have an old mind frame of “the guy is the initiator” I’ve never said no to him. But, what if neither of you like initiating. I seriously feel it’s the Man’s job.

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