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The Kama Sutra Kiss

The Kama Sutra Kiss

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The best kiss is the one that has been exchanged a thousand times between the eyes before it reaches the lips…

One of the most potent ways to create intimacy between you and someone you care deeply for is through kissing.

Do you love a romantic kiss?

Maybe in the back of the car, tucked in a doorway, on the couch or out in nature with the birds chirping…

Here’s a REALLY soul-connected kissing technique that will make you unforgettable to your current or potential partner. A kiss that brings them to their knees.


Tantric love techniques are based on ancient wisdom from our elders, passed down throughout the eons of humanity.

The Tantric Kiss includes two powerful techniques in one:

  1. Making sweet eye contact
  2. Giving your complete attention to each other (“being present”)

If you’re a woman, be careful. When you suggest to a guy that you do some Tantric Kissing he’s going to get really excited.

Guys LOVE kissing, especially deep kissing, so you’re going to have to slow him down…

And, it’s best to have him lead you, instead of you showing him what to do.

This is where the feminine wiles come into play.

Explain how it works and then just let him run the scene.

Even if he doesn’t get it right the first time, it will make him feel very masculine.

If you try to direct him, it lowers your polarity.

So just give him simple directions and then sit back and make the most of whatever he does. Surrender to his process.

That way you can see if he’s sensual and good at leading or not.

If you’re a guy, she’s going to love this soulful kissing.


Clear your minds and sit down face to face in a comfortable place in your home.

Touch your foreheads together. Then spend a few minutes getting your breathing to slow down.

Let the world fall away and be completely present in the moment you two are sharing.

Keep a soft lingering gaze — make eye contact with each other.

(You can tell a lot about a man’s integrity and confidence by how well he can hold a woman’s gaze.)

You can hold hands in his or begin stroking each other’s hands lightly in a sensual manner.

Tease each other with your lips with, but don’t go in for a full kiss.

You want to increase your desire for each other. Build up the excitement here.

He can kiss your cheeks, eyelids, and forehead.

Women love this kind of sweet kissing and eye contact.


As he warms you up, he can nibble your lips and earlobes and kiss down your neck.

In the future, this Tantric Kiss can proceed into the most divine connection.

He can slowly trace his lips down your body to kiss and tease your skin to activate your sensation.

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When you know a lot of techniques, you can show your beloved all kinds of ways you can both bring each other incredible pleasure.

It won’t seem weird to your partner at all if you say, “I heard about this technique and I’ve always wanted to try it.” “Can I explain it to you and will you lead me through it?”

That is MUSIC to a beloved’s ears.

People generally love to know exactly what their partner wants, and then they want to give it to us.

Everyone hates guessing it wrong.

By knowing what sounds fun, you will be the romantic partner they cannot get out of their thoughts.


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  1. THANK you VERY MUCH for sharing this very informative! An enlightening! Sexually powerful! Information !! We as men NEED to step up our sexual intimacy game! As Well its more to it then just our masculine lips! & strong Hips. IAM DEFINITELY GOING TO put THIS information to good use !! Excepting apps!! Lol

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